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My Girlfriend can't be this cute!

Brought to you by Masukachi Inc. whose known for their cute games such as 100 iku nin no Ore no Yome and Zombie in Home Improvement Center. The drawings are as always promising! This time we finally get to see the male character too! Although he's meant to be a Himo otoko...
You cute girlfriend! (And I'm not referring to the stack of notes she's holding! )

"If you work you lose!" That's the motto of all Himo, guys who lives on the money earned by the girlfriends. One day, Himo's girl friend returned home and mentioned how her father - a CEO of a big company - was complaining about wanting to punish Himo guys (which she have no idea what it is) but Himo fears this will be a threat to break their relationship. In order to keep himself off the father's radar, Himo tries to keep working to the minimum to remain his Himo lifestyle and earn small change from his girlfriend as reward!

Surprised she didn't help Himo with the cleaning to begin with... XD

Tap anywhere to earn small change. That or tap on the girlfriend to talk to her. You will note her speech changes as you unlock more chores. Tap on play to take Himo for a break from chores and level up. Beware of the father (If you keeps jumping up and down you'll sure to catch his attention!) as he will confiscate all your money! (I misplaced the events screen shot so I can't be bothered to cap again - more like because I don't want to lose my money again).

* Use the +20% potions that is given. +60% if you have the preregistered before hand. +20% for writing a review (I think I missed that one and it no longer synchronise (wasn't connected to the Wifi at the time when I did it ) but I think that's where my missing 20% is!).
* Level up Himo if you're the self tapping type as it gives you better earnings each tap!
* Level up the chore skills (I normally prefer doing the latest ones first as the money per second is higher than the older skill) for permanent wage per second.
* Spend every penny before you take Himo out as if you're caught by the father you'll have all your money confiscated!

I actually watched Kada San on Youtube (or Niconico) prior to playing this game. I must say he does a pretty good dub of the character's voices and made it more interesting than it is (As if it wasn't already lol). He actually reminds me of Sugita Tomokazu due to his funny comments (On a side note, his voice was also pleasant to listen to which is like a bonus!). Should check him out, the I am bread gameplay was also interesting!

It gets out of hands as your level up! I think Himo should have been dumped as soon as he multiply himself (The solutions to each of the Kanojo's requests gets crazier from there onwards lol).

This CG somewhat reminds me of otome games, but only with different characters... the same character kind of freak me out.

Not so much of a Himo anymore... or should I say the moral of this game is that never underestimate the abilities of Himo (They could really do ANYTHING if they set their minds into it)! lol The father does gets abit scary overtime particularly when I forget to do it sometimes and he took all my live savings. His girlfriend is too cute, I can't believe he had such a wonderful girlfriend in the first place... (The pre registration code was too sad, guess they were jealous of Himo too. lol)

I'm still trying to get to the ultimate end to date (Just need to maximise the level of the last few chores!). Must admit, the last update must have changed the settings that you need to leave the game running in the background. I used to leave it for a day and open to spend money only. Now if doesn't grow as much... still need to maximise the chores levels (Although my Himo's level is 99999!). orz Whilst tapping it kept me wondering (What I do in brainless activities) if the time machine actually would loop the story and turns out Himo is the father of the girlfriend... But I found out that's not the case. lol (What ever happened to all that crazy ideas?!)

Regardless I look forward to Himo's (and Kanojo's) happy (normal) ending!


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