[iPhone] Bi Shop Tennin Keisan Dentaku

Handy Kei-San!

Brought to you by D-O Corporation, this is probably the most handy calculator for those who plan to visit Japan!

Ever felt annoyed (Well not so much annoyed but probably more like curious?) with unsure how much to pay when all the prices in the shop was before tax? With the help of this app, and the friendly checkout ikemen staff, now calculations could be done simply in Otome style!
Random but the thought of the word Shop was pretty much redundant because of the word Tennin (Shop Assistant)...? XD Personally would like to just call it Bitennin.

They alternate upon launching of the app. They're all named Kei (Kei-San) by the way, only surname based around numbers 1-5. lol
Ichimonji Kei - Book shop assistant
Nikaidou Kei - Bartender
Mitamura Kei - Izakaya waiter
Shijyou Kei - Apparel shop assistant and Model
Saotome Kei - Patissier

Use like a normal calculation. Default current Japan tax rate set up to 8% (But they allow up to 99%! Yep I tried. lol Meaning you could continue to use this app forever!) and press Tax+ to add tax or Tax- to exclude tax.

Bonus little tips, tap and hold onto any buttons and they'll explain to you what they are (even numbers!) and if the numbers are their favourite (Like Ichimonji's favourite was number One! XD).

Slide to the left to remove the calculator function and into the communication mode, which really, just the enlargement of the character and more dialog.

I love how they tailor the calculator to the style of the location/character - somewhat reminds me of the Skins for Winamp when there was a time that people design them...! (People probably still do but I stopped listening on Winamp and on Niconico instead ) Also handy Hiragana for the readings of the Kanji of various Kei San (They tend to read funny when it becomes suranmes)!

It's probably just me, but the chances of having characters # 3 and 4 is so slim! Not that it matters much since they're not so much my type (Notice I just reference them by numbers!). XD Also character profile within the app would have helped too. I actually had to go to their website to double check some of the occupations of each character. I was also disappointed to see that they didn't reference to the artist for the characters. The drawings was one of the first things that got my attention.

I only wish they allow you to choose your Kei San and allow you to enter the tax rate instead of increasing one by one (They need you to tap not hold! )... orz The sad thing is that they remember your tax rates too. lol I'm not doing down manually again... Maybe I should just uninstall and reinstall the app!

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