[iPhone] Munekyun Quest

The forbidden love between Yuusha x Maou!

Brought to you by Harashow Interactive, a year since their other great title Scrap Boys (See my post here) was released!

On a side note, they recently released Scrap Boys new titles by the individual boys with the same game play as this one (Read on for the gameplay)! But why you should replay the stories again you say? Well, they were smart enough to put in additional stories! So far Valentine for Fuji and Rainy Day for Ume. Might do a post on it... or not.

Anyway, this time you try to level the heroine to be the hero on her journey to defeat the demon king (With love lol)!
Doesn't the background looks familiar...? XD

Heroine vow to avenge for her father by picking up a sword and become hero at a very young age. She gave up friends' invites and ignored all the love topics in order to focus on her daily training to defeat the demon king. 10 years since then, she became the hero where she was summon by the King, who suggested that she become his wife (amongst many others) upon her return. Whilst looking for the demon king's whereabouts, on the street she bumped into a guy with horns on his head who returned the sword that she left behind. She had a strange feeling that she have seen him somewhere before...

The main characters reminds me of Emi (Hero) and Maou (Demon King) Hataraku Maou Sama, mostly because of Lorek's hair colours!

To shorten the distant between the hero and the Maou, tap on to (Closely around really) the Hero. I highly appreciate the little defeated demons that the hero sent flying, since they were all flying with style. lol

As it's a houchi game, you could leave it running (Even if the app is closed!) and it'll earn hearts automatically!

When the distant become zero, you could proceed with one story chapter. Each chapter involves selecting one of the three options to continue the travel (to the next chapter). If incorrect answer was chosen, you would have to re walk the distance for the chapter again (Just leave it hanging).

Those who have played Scrap Boys should be familiar with the fever mode. For every one hour you get hearts double the speed. Make sure you tweet daily for one bonus Fever mode per day.

Power Up
Use hearts to strengthen the abilities to speed up.

Buy weapons for increase hearts earned from tapping or potions for automatic recovery (If you intend to leave it running).

* Level up the otome skills if you plan to play every now and then why you remember. Be sure to stock up on potions so the hero could last longer! Or if you're the tapping type (There is a requirement for unlocking the swords with value of each tap, so you're probably best to tap abit to begin with anyway lol), level up the swords!
* Use Fever mode (Recovers every hour) to get additional Hearts for 60 seconds!
* Tweet once a day to get Fever (Once a day only)!

I thought the hero was a boy whilst reading the prologue (since they didn't show the hero's face during the story) and thought why would the King wants the Hero to marry him!? XD I blame myself for playing too much games non otome games previously.

There was slightly doubt if Lorek was the Demon King but it was quite obvious upon each story completion. XD I thought the horn was an obvious give away that Lorek was the Maou. Personally I prefer selecting the wrong answers (Well I didn't really do it intentionally but somehow it become that way lol) and see the various different responses that Maou will give. At most time he would just walk away and that's when I thought I'm doomed. XD Each chapter I believe should be joined as a whole chapter in threes, since the title is the same anyway. But that said, I do get a CG for each chapter completion. I lol'd at the DON ..!! and at the invisible kabe (Wall)!

Lorek probably IS a Mage prior to becoming the next demon king (It does seem like the only way to kill the demon king is using magic...). Though I wish that when he return being a human that he actually have some more use (Like some magic use during fever or levelling up for Lorek so the replay value of the game is higher) whilst following the heroine on the journey to defeat more demons. =3= I must admit he lost his charm points upon losing the horns (And demon ears). XD

Recently I only want to post when I have finished the games (Or at least 80-90% completion lol), though that means taking a lot longer before I could post hence the lack of updates. I was surprised that they actually make you tap 35,000 times to get the final sword - Oreikhalkos!!! Unfortunately, there was nothing more once the story finishes, even if you completed the ultimate weapon and all the otome skills. orz

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