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Zine Fair at Museum of Contemporary Art

Just happened over the 22-24 May 2015 weekend! I managed to squeeze into the group of amazing artists as Baikingu, Lucie Tea and Jinberry for the table space on Friday evening and Saturday! I was told that they remember they have forgotten about someone... until I asked them after they have applied. This marks my second year for Zine Fair, hopefully I could tag along for more zine fairs to come!

This is a post fair report! (I haven't done one in a while! )
The Great wall of MCA Zine Fair Artist Map Guide... remains hanging on the wall because it looks so good as it is. lol I think no one dares to take them off the wall.

I think this is MCA's first time having the Zine Fair on the Friday night? Happened to be on at the same time as Vivid Sydney too! So despite the slight wet weather and the change of hall compared to last year, there were still alot of people. It took me a while to find the table since they separated into 2 levels and 3 different rooms (1 additional for Saturday)! I must say until I had a good look at the map otherwise I wouldn't know where to find the Creative Studios given the lack of signage (I honestly thought it was empty room there). So after 10-15 minutes of walking up and down the stairs I managed to find the others setting up the table already.

Since night/dinner time was a quiet one, I went for a browse after having done alot of snacking... and was mistaken as Hehalana by her friend. I thought this only happens at conventions when we're both there doing different things... I was relatively surprised with the number of empty tables in the Neilson Studio and Seminar Room, so I was glad we were at the Creative Studios. I find that more people hang around level 2 because of the leather Lounges and the make your own zine activities at the Foyer area. It's relatively warm inside MCA too, despite being freezing cold outside. We stayed until the end, then headed to the Rocks night market for dinner.

On Saturday we were placed at the corner of Neilson Studio. It was still relatively quite in the morning while I just munch away on Snacks as I did on Friday. I went off for a relatively long lunch (I went to see newly opened Muji which is located right underneath Kinokuniya at last!) and return to see the room jam packed with people!

My loot! Mostly zines bought / traded with amazing people that I know! And more importantly, they all sold out!

I only had two more copies of last year's zine so it's getting there... But I must say this year sales is better than my last year! I wonder if it's because I have two zines instead of one now?

I didn't end up going to the Sunday Zine Fair since I walked too much over the two days for Vivid Sydney which was on at the same time. =w= But would have love to go to have a look at the zines...!

Follow up
If you happened have bought one of my zine, here's a question for you... why did you choose that particular zine over the other one or if you bought both, which one is your favourite? I have this question in my head for the whole weekend because of few comments I received from friends that I should just draw Chibis. I actually spent more time (Because of the story) on the 4koma (last year's zine) compared to the illustrations (this year's zine).


Ah! Risu's Worry.
24 pages (Include Cover) Illustration/4 Koma
Black and white printing
Gag / Illustration

If you happened to have bought Ah! Risu's Worry, here are something you might not realised:
* If you turn to the back cover, check if you got the leg ham (What I call it anyway) or the Meat that Luffy loves to eat in One Piece . If you have got the meat, you would have gotten the first (test) print! There were only 5 copies. The different between the first print and the second print is the additional rabbit shadow and the direction of Risu's running on page 11.
* The intended colour of the ribbon that binds the zine is blue (I used red on Saturday binding only because I ran out of the blue ribbon. I would have loved to use purple but then that's because I'm Cheshire Cat bias lol). I intended that different zines will have a different colour binding.
* The post card size prints I had on the day was the characters in the zine. I think I need to include a little note under those prints so people would know. lol I have yet to redo the Mad Hatter with the Dormouse and March Hare! Not to mentioned one with Risu and Risu's sister, and probably plus White Rabbit.

If you happened to have bought The World for the Two of Us, here are something you might not realised:
* You would have been given a special name card of mine with Hitsuji on it. They are the last few copy of the cards from the year before.
* The reason why the zine was bind with red string instead of staple is the hint that it is a romance 4koma where they're bind by the red string (of fate).
* I have plans for a continuation...! Only after I sold the last two copies.

Regardless, I will be selling the remaining zines at the next event - Smash!


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