[Cosplay] Hoozuki No Reitetsu

A tour in Hell

Sometime in March we had a sudden urge to shoot Kaya's ikemen Hoozuki hence the sudden meet up! I did a last minute Peach Maki from Chapter 71 cover (It is originally in black and white, but the colour could be guess by most fans) just to mock up a little date look alike - which didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it since Kaya wasn't a fan of that ship!

Hoozuki @ Kaya, Smoking pipe @ Nabari
Hoozuki Human World Ver @ Kaya, Hat @ Nabari
Peach Maki Casual Ver @ Nabari, Lash make @ Kaya
Photo edit @ Nabari

Mostly posting photos from this shoot... and I'll skip the write up due to some issues we had on the day.
Ikemen Hoozuki! I don't think I'll ever cos Hoozuki again now that we have Kaya!

Pose requested by Kaya. It certainly not the best place to sleep. lol

My favourite picture out of the lot!

Kaya's favourite picture out of the lot! Although I think if I could have captured the whole building it would probably be my favourite too.

The photo that I wanted to do for the whole day! Only managed to take one near the end of the one and a half hour odd... and poor lighting due to backlight... orz

After the tour in hell, we got out to the human world~

Maki snap! I was hoping the Merry go Around would make it look like a date... There is a full outfit shot to show the Goldfish top I painted but I didn't like the lower lashes on the day. XD

Didn't managed to have a photo together in the casual outfit (since there were only two of us), but here's a selfie we did on the day while waiting for my fluffy icecream!!!

I remember going home in the rain that late afternoon, so we were lucky to have made the most out of the sun that day despite all that happened in there! As much as we want to shoot Hoozuki and Hakutaku there, I think the chances are not likely - even though we're dressed that casually (Luckily I didn't bring the cudge hammer too) - which reminds me of why people don't go there anymore.

I actually want to do Angel Uguisu version of Maki too... if not Miki. XD Female characters in Hoozuki no Reitetsu are all so lovable.

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