[iPhone] Namakore!

Ikemen meets Namako!

Brought to you by i-Enter Corporation Ltd, a houchi apps which allows you to collect Namako and give them to the Bishounen as present since he's Namako obsessed and he literally only have eyes for Namako!

NOTE: Namako is not a girl but Sea Slug (Sea Cucumber if you want to make it sound cuter)!

Looking closer I realised they weren't feathers in the background. lol

Nanma Kou (CV: Takeuchi Shunsuke)

To get Kou's attention, you need to harvest Namako by tapping on the rocks to destroy and swipe to collect Namako into the Namako basket!


Subsequently, give them to Kou as present to increase love meter with Namako Points (Points varies depending on the rarity). If you do well you will get a voiced sentence (Up to 10 different types in total - but over 10+ voiced lines, I'm not bothered to count at this time of the night lol)!


* Play daily and use the Hitsumi no Ryou (Secret Basket) Ticket which will give you 30 seconds of boosted recovery of Namako! Moreover, it gives you more chance to get the legendary Namako! Mind you, you have to be ready as soon as you press use Ticket, as unlike other houchi games, this one doesn't give you a loading screen.
* Increase the love meter with Namako points so he will treat you like Namako (Why would anyone want to do that!? XD)!
* One should name the heroine as Namako... Just to cause confusion. lol
* For a limited time only (between the period 13/07/2015 - 31/08/2015), follow the Twitter account @namakore and tweet when you obtain the new voice for a chance to win one of the two signatures of the voice actor Takeuchi Shunsuke (The board will have Namako! lol)! You will be directly messaged from their twitter account if you're one of the lucky one!

Not entirely a fan of Sea Slug. Hehalana glanced my phone as I was playing and she thought I was gathering poo. lol They do look like it too. orz And to think the character is so obsess with it...

The annoying thing is you're giving Namako to him and you have to manually increase the love meter separately with the Namako points received. orz The higher the love meter filled, the way he talks will gradually change too. *phew* I'm now on par with Namako!

I had to look up Takeuchi Shunsuke, whose an fresh voice actor to my standard. lol Known for his voiced role as the Producer in Idol Master Cinderella! Other mobile games such as Akechi Mitsuhide from Ikemen Sengoku Toki wo Kakeru Koi by Cybird and Riot from DAME x Prince by Anipani Corp which is due to be released in Autumn this year (Obviously more interested in this title lol). But mean while, you could learn to like Namako!

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