[Cosplay] Melbourne Animania

Melbourne Animania @ Rydges Hotel

YES! This is my first interstate convention! :D

Went down to Melbourne on Thursday Night and return to Sydney on the Monday afternoon. Although the convention was only 1 day on Saturday, there were alot of things that needs to be done on the Friday. My friends and I went there with just carry on, and found out last minute that we couldn't bring toy swords for our Hakuouki cosplay on the plane. ^^;

So on the Friday, we tried to find dollar stores to find our swords, otherwise we would have to fight with our bare hands. Luckily we found some at the party shop - just enough for all - but at a premium price and the quality was worst than that of Sydney. Had to play around with it that night, while my friends were doing their last minute sewing.

The convention was relatively small. Although I was informed that it's a Mini Animania, I was still disappointed at the size of the venue. orz Apart from that I was there to meet up with a friend who was gonna cosplay as Saito Hajime, but ended up forgetting her costume since she was rushing her costume Momohime from Muramasa: The Demon Blade for the cosplay competition, which she won the best craft badge! :D

Pictures have been resized, click to view larger (double the current size)

On stage Cosplay

MA cosplay

Although I only posted up photo of cosplay on stage, there were quite a lot of awesome cosplayers hanging around the convention. Such as Hikaru No Go which had a Go board as well, Katekyo Hitman Reborn with Demon Spade as well and many more that didn't go on stage...!

Personal favourite

MA Cosplay highlights

... which they all won abit of something! <3

Now... for those who do not want to damage their eyes should close this post! BECAUSE... I'm gonna post some of our Hakuouki cosplay photos...

Hakuouki Cosplay photo
Hijikata @ Haruki
Saito / Chizuru @ Kurako
Kazama @ Nabari
Photographer @ Nekomot
Helper @ Momohime aka Lovelessblkcat

Let's start with my favourite one! One which you could barely see my face! :D I was trying -hard- not to laugh. orz

MA Hakuouki 1

It's a pity that the background wasn't red. ^^;


MA Hakuouki 2

Jealous of Momohime helping out Saito! Kazama needs more love! =A=+

More Omake

MA Hakuouki 3

Yes, I made the blue uniform for Parody! XD Didn't really wore it at the convention in the end since it was too OOC. orz

Oni Kazama! *FAILED*
MA Hakuouki 4

I cheated because I was standing on a rock so I look taller. XD Looks like I would need to do another shoot for my Oni Kazama in Sydney later!

Last but not least... Convention band photo!

MA Hakuouki fin

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genre : Anime/Manga


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@ Ayuvi
Thank you! :D

But there's always room for improvement! <333 *Failed at styling wig* My costume was already on its Version 2... XD

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