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Ikemen meets Namako AGAIN!

Can't believe they released a sequel already (Barely finished the last one not long ago) and yet this is so easy to write up over the convention backlogs (Half of it is rolled over from the first post anyway)! XD

Brought to you by i-Enter Corporation Ltd, a houchi apps which allows you to collect Namako and give them to the Bishounen as present! Only this time, there's an increased of Namako range and the introduction of a bomb to stop you from collecting Namako! But have no fear as they're rare - unless it's because I'm at early stage of the game - and they do disappear after a while!

NOTE: Namako is not a girl but Sea Slug (Sea Cucumber if you want to make it sound cuter)!
When I first saw the cover I thought Kou is madly in love with you now that he's become more of a M. lol But of course, I'm wrong.

At last! Kou confessed his love for you which is on par with his love for Namako. But he got into an car accident after trying to save a Namako that was about to run over (Why were they even on the road...) and since suffer from memory lost! Now your job is to collect Namako to help him recover his memories (All that hard work in game 1)!

Nanma Kou (CV: Takeuchi Shunsuke)

To help Kou retrieve his memories, you need to harvest Namako by tapping on the rocks to destroy and swipe to collect Namako into the Namako basket!

Beware of the bomb because it'll clear the screen! I hate it when it appears before the rocks suddenly...

Subsequently, give them to Kou as present to increase love meter with Namako Points (Points varies depending on the rarity). If you do well you will get a voiced sentence.

Well... he stopped talking about Namako all together so I suppose it's an improvement from the first game?! XD

* Tap to earn ticket (I believe it's every 5-15 minutes straight after the message) to use the Hitsumi no Ryou (Secret Basket) Ticket which will give you 30 seconds of boosted recovery of Namako! Moreover, it gives you more chance to get the legendary Namako! Mind you, you have to be ready as soon as you press use Ticket, as unlike other houchi games, this one doesn't give you a loading screen.
* Increase the love meter with Namako points so he will treat you like Namako!
* For a limited time only (between the period 09/09/2015 - 31/10/2015), follow the Twitter account @namakore and tweet when you obtain the new voice for a chance to win one of the 3 signatures (They increased from 2!) of the voice actor Takeuchi Shunsuke (The board will have Namako! lol)! You will be directly messaged from their twitter account if you're one of the lucky one!

I think the round they made it harder to increase the love meter, so you'll get more hours out of it this time. Chances for another sequel is probably not likely. But with that said, we got this second game...

Have a feeling that he will recover his memories with the power of love for Namako!


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