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At last! We finally get Vocaloid rhythm game in English for Nintendo 3DS! One reason less to not buy the Japanese 3DS, now I'm just down with Gyakuten Saiban and Yo-kai Watch on my list. lol

Brought to you by Sega and Crypton Future Media, apparently this is the equivalent of Project Mirai Game 2 although under a different name! With a total of 48 songs (Mostly the old school ones too! I haven't been entirely up to date with the new songs so this is good for me!) and the ability to adjust to various difficulties.

Just a week after the game have been released, here's some of my thoughts on the game!
The supposed to be pre-order AR (Augmented Reality) cards! My friend got it without preordering though and because I preordered, it came a day late from another state. orz

Printed both side...!

Here's the AR Function in action! You could also preview the PV as well but I prefer watching it in game than to have them dance on real life settings.

Playable characters
Hatsune Miku
Kagamine Rin and Len

Gumi makes appearance in some PV and as a Hint/Tip cameo character! They should include Gakupoid too... orz

As with most rhythm games, tap/hold/spin at the right timing onto the target!

Touch (Tap with the pen) Mode versus the Button Mode!

* Dress up chosen partner with the PV clothing. Minor colour customising could be done! Look out for Event / limited time only items which you could place into the room!

* Hang out with the chosen partner by feeding / playing Mikuversi / give allowance (Reminds me of a Himo... lol).

* There's also Puyo Puyo 39!, but it seems like the term Miku is used more than Vocaloid or Mirai.

* Go out and shop to your hearts content with Mirai points earned. AR for using the cards and snap away, Theater for viewing the music videos, Dance studio to create your own dance routines for each PV is also available.

* Create your own tune (Could be used as alarm set up) and share on the spot pass!
* Leave messages within the PV songs just like Nico Nico Douga! They also allow the share comment function so you could obtain messages from other players too!
* Customise your profile card and decorate it with different partner poses, backgrounds pictures and taglines. You also have the option to share your dance routines, video comments, and your tune.

* Try everything in the game and change all partners and use all rooms to get more stamps for unlocking items!
* Do check out the News when it have the exclamation mark! It normally indicate something important, such as items unlocked, sales and also limited time only stuffs!
* Buy clothing / items that are on sale to save Mirai points! As every points goes towards the clothing pool.
* Give each partner allowance. At most times they spree on food (meaning wasted) but other times when you give them enough allowance, they would order clothing at discounted prices too!
* Try to clear all hard modes to unlock background for the Profile cards!
* Try to play all songs at least once to unlock the last song Shake it!, where you will see the credits. After the credit you could start playing the song.

Compare to other Vocaloid games on other consoles, it is easier than any PS version! Nintendo always have lower difficulties due to the market! Perhaps because it was second game on DS, there was a lack of tutorial (Particularly with the Spinning for extra Mirai points!). There were minimal pointer that appears during the gameplay, but for someone who haven't played the first game prior have to learn what they are. This aspect I do appreciate sometimes (provided they're not lengthy or giving us the skip tutorial function) and I got it from Final Fantasy Curtain Call.

They sleep when you set the alarm!

I love how the room items could be shared among different Vocaloid partner you choose. XD I only wish the clothing could be shared too (Then there could be more variation such as changing the hairstyles, just like that for Nendoroid figurines!), because they could totally do it for Rin and Len! haha I wish there was more Vocaloid fan reference things... like Banana for Len, Mikan for Rin, Maguro (Tuna) for Luka... although they did have Luka Taco version!

I love how there's the lyrics for the PVs as well, although you really can't really read them during the gameplay. XD Pity they didn't include translation for non Japanese speaking players, but I note it's written all in romaji which is handy for Karaoke. XD

With the other extra functions where you could customise the dance routines, safeguards etc... I only wish there's a guide to the Dance/poses! To be honest I don't think alot of people would bother. It might be interesting for the first few changes trials, after that should just be playing on various difficulties and earn more stamps.

Apart from the rhythm game aspect, it's much like Tomodachi life where you get to hang out with the chosen partner or even go on a holiday! I'm surprised there isn't any DLC! Perhaps we'll see game 3 instead of added on contents. Definitely worth while getting particularly if you're a rhythm game fan! Bonus if you're a Vocaloid fan too! XD

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