[iPhone] Watashi no Himo Otoko

Ikemen Hiroimashita!

Brought to you by Goodroid. this is my second Himo Houchi Game. XD Similar to the Chou Himo Riron (See my post here), only this time the cute avatar is that of the Himo! AND it comes with voice (Although minimal)! Also featuring multiple endings (4 + 1 hidden last one) with beautifully illustrated ending CGs!

Nurture your fated one Himo to your ideals!

------ EDIT 15/12/15 ------
Note to 2nd Stage & link out to how to unlock routes.
There's actually no cover for this game, so I'm just using a screen capture from the prologue. To think his clothing have gone to that level yet his skin is still so clean is abit weird.

One night, you who is exhausted from everyday overtime workload came across a guy with untrimmed hair and thin dirty clothing, who is sitting on the roadside in the rain without an umbrella. Although normally you would absolutely not get involved, for some odd reason you couldn't remove your sight off him. To him who doesn't have a home to return to, you offered him your place to stay...

Kanzaki Yuuto (CV: Takumi Yasuaki)

I try not to post too much on his evolutions...! This isn't so much a spoiler since this look is the one shown on their app icon!

lol OMG I can't believe the company didn't credit the character voice and the illust within the app. I actually had to look up the character name to know that he is the CV for Yuuto! Although saying that, after looking him up though, I didn't see alot of roles that I know of (I was more hooked by the illustrations)... =-= So I don't think the selling point was his voice, but more to do with the game itself!


Cleanup the mess (left over rubbish) he left around the room into the mikan box to increase Osewa (looking after) Points! Watch him evolve change into your liking after each level before your eyes! But cleaning up will displeases him, so talk to him will increase his happiness!

* Write a review to see Himo Otoko's side of the episode 0!
* Use tweet / facebook for Fever mode after each evolution, which will replenish the love meter back to 100!
* 1.5 hours recovery of the 3 chat to increase love meter, or watch an ad (Max up to 6 times a day) to replenish quicker. And that's cheating... asking us to watch TV (Ad) with him... >//////<
* Use Chat wisely to do clean up during the love meter level above 80% where the clean up items are replenish between every 1 seconds. Anything below love meter of 40% reduced half in the Osewa Points. That said, there's no need to use chat unless the love meter falls below 80%.

Although I don't like supporting a Himo, I don't mind an Ikemen. XD I mean, he does work as you ask him to but slowly... since the setting is that he fell in love with you at first sight, so he's willing to work towards your ideal! Actually the opening flow reminds me of Wan Koi (See my post here) now that I think about it! Otome gaming Lesson learnt, you will pick up ikemen in the rain. XD

As with most Houchi games, I'm thankful for the highlight to the route already selected! As the questions do get rolled over but depending on the type of guy he is, the ideal answer would change. I have problem with just selecting the same answer and turns out I'm on a different route already. orz

I think the refreshing/younger brother type is the easiest to pick the right answer (Actually I think Himo is supposed to be younger than you anyway!) and they don't take no for an answer. XD To be honest I think refreshing Kare is a totally different person given the beauty spot that only he have! (I think I like his personality the best! ) The cool Tsundere type aka who doesn't speak their mind (Not honest to ones emotion) in the game, is much harder, you actually have to Tsun and tease him back. haha The wild one was the first route that I got and I wasn't expecting the career path he headed into. I actually hoped to have the ending CG for the quiet Yuuto because that's the route image that I made me want to play this app badly! XD Although saying that all the routes were lovable!

The last route was...

*Spoiler alert* So Yandere!!! That he actually freaked me out. And the way he said he'll erase all his other selves routes made me sweat too. I knew the last route was a Himo type with the hoodie by looking at the blacked out shadow, but wasn't expecting him to turn out like a stalker-ish personality. Must be all those happy ends that gives me the false impression that he would stay as a Himo after you reject him and not support him. But once you choose to "live" with the chosen type of Yuuto, the Yandere one wasn't too bad. hahaha (Am I immune to 2D abuse now after Diabolik Lovers!? ) That said, there are some replay values you could still revisit the stories or simply chat to him. The questions rotates so you get to chat to the Yandere too (Since when you unlock him you didn't get to chat option to answer to him), and plus, he's actually so easy to please! lol *spoiler ends*

But overall, I'd say I fell in love with Yuuto (Mostly because of the CGs XD)!

------ EDIT 15/12/15 ------
Note to 2nd Stage & link out to how to unlock routes.

Figured I should update this post or make a new post with the recent updates with the game which they call 2nd Stage.

* Extended stories in between prior to the evolution of the Himo type. So now it takes abit longer to get to each route.
* Seasonal events for specific Himo type (Halloween, Christmas - the story retains with your save file but unfortunately the avatar clothing could not be revisited).
* Present from the specific Himo type (Double present boxes on weekends!).
* Letters from the specific Himo type.

Ke! have kindly typed up all the routes to date:
Original post
2nd Stage

Please also leave a comment/clap on her blog if you used it and find it useful! Whether it's in English or Japanese, it means alot for the writer and of course in turns encourage the writer to continue!

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Re: Kukuri

You're welcome! :D

Depending what type of hair cut you give Yuuto in each clothing will lead a different route (Also whether you continue to support him or not will unlock the secret route which I have included in the Spoiler Alert section). It gets abit confusing referring them by types without spoiling much. Haha I've marked down below the new types with v-352.

Refreshing clothing > Weak > Innocent / Refreshing / Homely v-352
Cool Clothing > Quiet > Doesn't speak his mind / Wild / Still & Quiet v-352 > Secret
Loose Clothing v-352 > Lack of Energy > Natural / Critising / Seductive > Secret

Hope that helps.


Thank you very veery much for the info♡♡ This taught me lots about the game!!

Yuuto-kun is so cute! May I ask what the second stage quiet type evolves into?

Re: 慧さん

へぇぇ〜 ちょっと羨ましいです。 いつかおすすめのケーキを教えてください!(*´ڡ`●)

リリースは2015冬予定だけど、公式Twitterにも書いみたいですね... イベントでリリースするかもしれません。


実は私の周りに、BLが好きな友達が多います。 (苦笑)
たぶん... 男子キャラコスするからです。(乙女ゲームなのに)

一年以上イベント続ける無料ゲームは少ないと思います。 (;´Д`)

Re: Nami

You could try going via the Cool type, and near the end you don't support / encourage Yuuto in the becoming a Chef. Since you have already finished all the route, you should be choosing the option that you haven't chosen before (The already chosen answer would have a different colour).

As mentioned in my post at the end, Ke! have kindly typed up how to get to each route. She wrote the exact wording to the routes under the subtitle Ending and have included a sneak peek.

Hope that helps.


Could you please tell me in English how to get Yandere? I started learning japanese on October and I just don't understand yet TT_TT And really want to get him, 'cause I have all others.


昨年はお世話なりました(*˘ ˘*)







Re: 慧さん

すべてのケーキを食べる気しないですか? (*´ڡ`●)

私はヒモ男のイラストが好きから、プレーしています。(ボイス付はボーナスです 笑)

海外で働くの自分を想像することはできません。 勇気が必要だと思います。


最近アプリイベントばかり、私も忙しかった。 (笑)
今年もよろしくお願いします! (。・ω・)ゞ






そういういえば昔、そうやって教えてもらいました~懐かしい ・v・*

最近ちがうゲームの攻略をやってるのでヒモ男の攻略はちょっと中断してます ;(

Re: 慧さん

TWの使い方が良く分からないから、あまりTWしないで、無言フォローだけです。 ^^;

確かに乙女ゲームにとって、一番大切なのは会話の内容ですね。 ( もちろん声優も (ノ∀\*) )

日本語能力試験を受けたのに、あまり使う(機会)ことがないので、今まで日本語を話すのが下手です。 orz
その上話するとき、緊張すぎて単語と文法も忘れしまいました。 ^^;

日本語のコツは Subject + Object + Verb.
Eg. サムさん は オレンジ を 食べました。 (Sam orange ate).
英語のコツは Subject + Verb + Object.
Eg. サムさん は 食べました オレンジ を。 (Sam ate orange).

... のように感じます?
説明が難しいですね。 ^^;


ちなみにこの記事に(やっと)リンクしました。 (*´∀`*)

Thank you!

I see, so it's new routes X3
Thank you so much for the explanation!!
I'll be watching her blog again, thank you! v-10



そっか…でも乙女ゲームの醍醐味は相手との会話なので、会話の内容を理解できないままプレイするのは物足りないでしょうね ;(


文を作るコツなどあれば教えてほしいです X(


こちらこそ宜しくお願い致します ;)

Re: 慧さん

ブロ友を承認してありがとうございます! (*´∀`*)


時々辞書とトランスレーターなど使用しています。 (特にキャラクターの苗字!)
私は慧さんの英語の練習相手としてもかまいませんよ。 ^v^







Re: 慧さん


慧さんに知らせないで申し訳ございません。 m(_ _)m


海外の訪問者の代わりに、ヒモ男の攻略を書いてくれてありがとういます! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

Re: Heill

Thank you for the visit and comment! I already unlocked that route yes (We all try to stay on top of this one)! But there have been another major update since and they made it so each route have another extension so it'll take longer to finish... I'm currently playing the third new option and for the new Himo types before I try to go through the old routes again one by one.

I think for the very same reason, the blog owner Ke! of the link have left a comment on this post. She said she recently picked up the game update again so she'll be updating more of the routes soon, so please stay tune. :D

No title






No title

Sorry for the false link. Here's the right link:

No title

Hello, I want to know.
Do you ever get this route?

I got this route and clueless.... because http://kjaerlighet.blog91.fc2.com/blog-entry-475.html not have this type in the memo (T___T)

No title

hello there xD thank you (again) for answering me and give me that url! thank you so much x* so now i have a complete guide! woohoo~~

the prince one is become doctor xD glad to see him like that and the CG... oTL oh noooooo make me want to get a boyfriend huwhauhwuahwu *cries desperately*

because of this game, i really think want too see any himo and get him into my house (and i know it will never happening) XDDDDD hahahhahahaha

b'cz is nearly impossible to get any himo as cute as yuuto *sigh* (what i'm thinking and talking 'bout?!!) hahahhaha xD

oookkay~~ i will check another game in your blog! i just need a time to do it, since i was too busy for work /0/ *tears*

thank you again for always reading and answering my silly or maybe a stupid Q from me =x ihihi
Glad to talk with you!!
have a nice dayyy <3 (´。• ω •。`) ♡

Re: Yina

I think the twitter ranking is pretty much the same as mine. XD Yeah I don't normally type up all the content due to various reasons (Company release/new players/I'm lazy), but there are guidelines out there (in Japanese of course) to get the correct routes. Here's one http://kjaerlighet.blog91.fc2.com/blog-entry-475.html I just looked up and have everything on one page by Kei (KE!).

And yes, you'll notice the questions and answers do rolled over, but depending on the route, the correct answer varies hence sometimes it's worthwhile to check out the character profile for their favourite food/items/personality (Despite we're still talking about Yuuto here lol).

You're welcome! :D Do check out other games that I blog about. You might find other games that interest you before their next update. haha

No title

OMG OMG he really said that? Abs. i will and i do stay with him forever and ever. I'd lovee tooo <3 huhauahuah
Yes! I knew it, yandere kareshi became number 2nd fav. after prince kareshi. And, now, i'm at prince's route hahahaha xD from what i heard, he is so calm and his chuckle was so cute~~~

Thank you so so so much for write a spoiler to me x) this game is so perfect, minus language of course x'D, if only they make english ver. i'd be very grateful.

And also the bgm was sooo good, i love it all, now i need to concentrate more to get right answer for prince's route, since the Q is similiar like energetic kareshi ( some of it ) make me confused hwhwhwhwh

Kyaa ‎​(′▽`)~ i love this game trulyyyyy~~ and i glad to find your blog and share like this. Nice to talk with you, you so kind <3

Thank you very much and have a nice day !!

ps : can't wait another type of kareshi (>̯┌┐<)

Re: Yina

No worries, glad you were able to clear other routes. XD

*Spoiler alert*
You return home and Yuuto asked what you were doing until this hour, he have doubt even when you explained it was work related. He hope you're not cheating on him and although he said he trust you, you think he didn't really mean it. He concluded that you can't think about anyone other than him, since he thinks about you all the time. He kabedon you and shouted if you heard him while hurting you. He apologies and claimed that although he doesn't want to hurt you since heart aches too, but it was your fault to not look at him. In return, he asked you not to go anywhere and always stay by his side, forever and ever...
*Spoiler ends*

And lol I don't think you're alone there when the Yandere route was unlocked. From their popularity vote, Yandere route came secondout of the 8 routes (While the prince type came first)! Yeah their official twitter account is the best source of updates. haha

No title

helooooo its me again! sorry for late reply. i already finished another route. and he become...... YANDERE omfg actually i love yandere swkwkkwkkwkw xD nggg can you inform me what he said when he became yandere? ( eps. 16 )
i'm so curious xD
me kinda shock too when know that after i finished his route ( red hair and look so "bad boy" ) then he evolve into yandere xD the CG is good too he is still handsomeswdksjdkjswo like hell even he is yandere x3

yeahhh utapri i knew it! since i love cecil aijima wahahahha x)

hmmmm they do show the sneak peek on kanzaki's twitter, so i know there will be another kareshi

i really enjoying this game a lot, tough i can't read and understand it wahahahha.

thank you for answering againnn~~~

*get undera blanket and hug my yandere kanzaki yuuto* HUAHUAHAUH //evil laughv-238v-238

Re: Yina

You're on the right track... it's the idol route! XD That one heavily reminds me of Uta no Prince Sama with the clothing. haha XD

You should be able to start all over if you have completed the route with a CG... I don't remember having to specifically change between routes apart from unlocking the last route (Upon completion). That said, I hope you didn't choose the same options as you did last... This game seems so time consuming without the use of any boosters. orz

If you can't share it on facebook, have you tried Twitter? I think it's easier? I note both require you to have signed into your accounts. That said, I also think it have something to do with outdated system on your tablet...? Since I saw on their app release that they have had people questioning about the TV function doesn't work so they have amended it in their update late September already?

On a side note, they announce there will be a big update with more Kareshi type and also a Halloween special! Only a week away until the update! :D

No title

Hello there, thank you for answering, now i just end 1 route, he turn into a actor (?) Or what i didn't know, but he change clothes like a prince xDDD

And now, how can i change the route? Can you please help me? Since i really really can't read japanese (つ_╰̩ )

The tv is still didn't work.. Even i can't share the progress in my facebook, i don't know why :'D it seems my tablet is error (?)

Thank you agaiiin! :3

Re: Yina

Hi there! The sudden increased in questions about the TV made me realised I haven't update to their latest patch for the app. Turns out they have removed the little TV on the right hand corner in the picture I have in my post just under the title Gameplay. v-356 I note after your 3 chats are used up, Yuuto no longer ask you to watch TV with him. ;w; That said, this game doesn't really require the use of WiFi anymore since their PR function doesn't speed up the chat process at all. Hope that clears up some version confusions in response I replied to Bren's question.

I love the art too, basically what made me wait for the game in the first place. I don't think they will release English version of the game though (Judging from the amount of English apps they have... nil orz). But in terms of choosing between the answers, I think they still highlight the answer you have already chosen, so you shouldn't have to repeat answers (Definitely not with this new update with the slowed recovery of chat D:)? I haven't come across the locked conversation during my gameplay not sure if it's part of their updates or I was just lucky to have pass everything in the order that I wanted. :P

No title

hello there! finally, someone review this game. i love the art, but these japanese language make me want to hit my head into a table. (_ _")

i really hope they translate it into english. :') i always pick the wrong answer, and this is make me sad and frustrated :"D hahhaha,
The TV doesnt work on me too... even i using a wifi...

and there is some locked conversation, did you know how to unlocked it?

Thank you for answering ~e-68

Re: Bren

The TV function only works if you have internet access, either by using up the chat which he will ask you to watch TV with him, or you could manually tap on the TV (But this normally means you don't need to recover your chat yet). If not, you might be out of quota for the day (It does the count down for you) and it will be faded and say try again tomorrow.

You're not missing out on much really, but it will show you a short 10-20 seconds advertisement of other mobile games, and then recover your chat with him. It's just a faster alternative to finish all routes.

Hope that helps.

No title

He's so adorable! I just started playing a while ago.. I can't seem to get the TV thing to work, what happens when you select the option to watch TV?
Maybe I need to update the game?? I'm not so sure what I need to do v-7

Re: Happy

I haven’t tried if all the other routes could unlock the last route, since I managed to get him in the first try after all the normal route completion. XD I went via the cool Tsundere type route to unlock the last route and the critical answer is to not support him in his career. So I can’t say for sure if the other routes would allow you to unlock the last route, but I would assume it works because you’re basically telling him to stay home and I’ll support you!

Hope that helps and let me know if you unlock him from other routes!! :D

No title

how do you unlock the last route? :o


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