[3DS] Daigyakuten Saiban Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken

My play history on Daigyakuten Saiban Demo

I woke up to a great news on Gyakuten Saiban... which is the announcement of the anime to be aired in April 2016! On top of that, Phoenix Wright 6! Like finally! Anyway, because of this news I have accelerated this post to be posted before any others. XD

I was abit upset since Capcom didn't release the demo on their website using the PC (Since I don't own a Japanese region 3DS, but I think I might get one soon at this rate), so Kurako lend me her Japanese 3DS to play the ultra short demo on our trip to Melbourne. I didn't really bothered to take pictures during the demo play since it was very early in the morning when I played it. orz

Short demo will have short post!

Despite Naruhodou being the protagonist of the game, Holmes have a longer appearance than him in the demo. Holmes appears to be not as smart under this title with his theories, which you as Naruhodou have to prove his logic isn't entirely correct (Holmes' probably better off staying in his own title as always, they undermined both when they do collab with different detectives.

I actually look forward to Watson's appearance the most, but pity she didn't appear in this demo yet. Had abit of readings... mostly visual novel style where you only get to answer two questions with alittle bit of experiment on the investigation and rotating gameplay (I missed them so, but we probably get more when Watson appears?). But seriously, that girl Ballerina is no cosplayer...! She didn't even bothered to hid her real hair (Please use a wig cap for crying out loud)! XD

Overall, it was too short, with too much flashy moves (They're such posers haha) and spinnings - makes me thinks of Ballerinas. lol

I get a feeling this one might not get a English adaptation due to the whoile undermining Holmes business... but after the short gameplay, I'm probably more interested in Gyakuten Saiban 6 *is 100% Phoenix Wright bias and because the protag of this game looks too much like Polly (Because of his body shape)*!

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