[iPhone] Nyanbu Clicker

Spin off Touken Ranbu Cats!

Made by fan for fans! Brought to you by Haruto Sasaki! A cat version of the ever popular web browser based game Touken Ranbu! Only this is much cuter!

Read on for Nyan~

12/11/2015 EDIT - Change of App name from Touken Nyanbu to Nyanbu Clicker.
Looks pretty official!

Spoiler?! I think this picture should be the last CG to be unlocked...

With over 12 characters + bonus 3 (Not in the CG above!) upon defeating the boss!


Increase the Nyan power by tapping to the base (building). Tap on the + Mark below in each level to unlock swords (characters). Collect special items by opening boxes and defeat the boss through tapping on them.

* Increase 20 for each sword to increase the Nyan power (Permanently)! Nothing happens after 100 swords, so don't bother wasting the Nyan powers until you have leveled up everyone. XD
* Watch all the ads! It's a super effective way to earn Nyan power to unlock swords or gallery! The CG gallery is probably what cost you most of the Nyan power.
* Share via Line / Twitter / Facebook to increase the Nyan power of a particular sword for 3 minutes and there are no limit to how many times you could share in a day!
* You could power up swords with the golden ball, however I wouldn't recommend it as I prefer to upgrade the base as it increases your tap power.

I was disappointed to not see Nakigitsune (My favourite character in Touken Ranbu! The little animals are probably too hard to draw around the cute little cat versions of them.) as I continue to unlock characters ... but I love how consistence the graphics are compared to the actual Touken Ranbu game.

I think the illustrations works well for any online profiles (Is actually tempted to use them but still, they don't have the character that I want *sob*)... even as stickers emojis! Just think of all the possibilities for their franchise! I would totally buy something like this at Comiket if they ever do a doujin in this style! XD

The hardest part of the game wasn't leveling up or unlocking CGs... it's more about collecting all the items! Since the treasure boxes are released at specific time, so if you missed then you won't get it. I have completed everything already apart from the items...! orz I didn't see much point in to restart the story (but I did it anyway to see if anything changes, and it doesn't ) unless you want to apply those nyan power somewhere! XD

Whether you're a Touken Ranbu fan or not, this game is simply too cute to pass!


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