[iPhone] Gorilla Kareshi

Uho Uhoo
(Ore ga Kanarasu Omae wo Mamoru)

Brought to you by SEEC Inc! Known for their short and addictive escape games but more recently their raising games (And with the multiple routes, they're actually taking longer and longer to finish )! Moreover, their quality illustrations is always a nice touch to each one of their games!
Love the little detail of the banana broach... haha

Momoko (Name changeable) was targeted by mysterious organisation X who identified her as the daughter of Saionji family. Appeared out of no where a Gorilla came to the rescue and showed Momoko a picture of her father. She took him home and turns out Gorilla Kun is her new personal Bodyguard hire by her father!

Increase experience points for the relationship gauge by defeating enemies (Really, Gorilla kun just make noise by drumming to on his chest to scare them away ). Once the gauge is filled, you could progress with their love story. The enemies replenish every 60 seconds. To be honest I didn't think the gem works that well, since by the time you removed the enemies, you wouldn't need to wait long for the next wave.


On the top right hand corner there's the Feed the empty stomach (hungry) Gorilla mini scratchy to aid earning of the experience points. Recover banana every 10 minutes with a maximum of 3 rounds. With 6 options to choose from. There's no particular settings to each food so it's by chance.


There are 3 different endings. Upon story clear, the second play allows you to translate the Gorilla language to human language! Now you could read the story again properly with out the Uho Uho (Although saying that everytime you tap on to Gorilla Kun in game he still makes that sounds)!

* Collect rewards from missions! Where there's a in the mission button, it means there's hearts/gem reward awaiting to be collected!
* As soon as you tab on one enemy, make sure you click the timer to reduce the count by 10 seconds.
* Use the scratchy that replenish every 10 minutes to speed up the process if you're not the type to tap regularly.
* Ensure you turn on the Gorilla language translation upon first round completion to see the true dialogues.

I wish that the ultimate end actually have the Gorilla turned into an ikemen in a suit if not it's actually an ikemen inside a Gorilla suit. haha It does makes one wonder how Momoko understand Gorilla Kun! And to explain the reason for her heart beating like crazy whenever she look at Gorilla Kun, really, I think she's simply scared of him. lol

Exactly my thought. You're not alone here!

Random but doesn't the enemies looks like they have banana on their head. lol Maybe Gorilla Kun was fending them off because of banana... :P On a side note, the enemy's son Igarashi Yuuya from the class next door is kinda cute (with him being the only other male being in the game and the fact that his and heroine's family being the opposing forces just like Romeo and Juliet! ). I think there needs to be more love rivalry going on instead of losing to a Gorilla... you need to man up child! orz

Mostly played it for the lol, but overall still enjoyable. I could so imagine all the characters turning into the Ore Monogatari.

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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