[iPhone] Shitsuji to Ojousama no Diet

Ikemen Shitsuji x Diet!

Ojousama, watashiku to ishhouni Diet Ganbarimasenka? (Obviously he thinks the player is overweight hahah) Brought to you by ImageCircus Co. Ltd! Normally the apps released by them are RPG or visual novel style (With quality illusts as usual) so I was surprised to see they actually got out of their comfort zone and did this type of short app!

Yes this is one of those backlog rally that I've been doing recently. Post con post won't be up until I clear all these... orz

Shitsuji Albert (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou)

I took particular notice to his skill as reading your mind (Shinjutsu) so basically he know whether you've been good or bad with your diet. XD The seiyuu is Tezuka from Prince of Tennis (Albert even looks like him just different hair colour)! XD

Enter your body height and it'll show the average (healthy) weight. Input your body weight daily.


Allow your personal Shitusji to manage your weight via support you with his words (emotional support)! Sometimes he could be strict and sometimes he could be gentle (Sounds like a Tsun to me lol)!

The closer you are to your ideal weight, the relationship between you and the butler will be closer! What awaits to you who tries the hardest?!


* Record your daily weight
* Fully voiced comments as rewards! (Although more to be unlock with the paid function)
* Not sure about sharing on Twitter / Facebook / Line as I'm not sure if it will post up your weight... hahah

What comes to mind - Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!! where your beloved Oniisan now turned into a Shitsuji! XD Except this app only have the record function (and not so much mini games which makes it easier to access to voice). Compared to other dieting apps such as Futoshi no Heya and Renshou! For Girls, I probably won't be that actively using this app.

The app could still be used until you reach closer to your goals without paying any fees (One tweet will extend the duration of the free play). The paid part of it is to remove all the advertisement banner and more importantly, to progress further. You could still unlock at least two CGs...!

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