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My play history on Yo-Kai Watch 2

Soooo... on my trip back home from Melbourne, Kurako lend me her Japanese 3DS to play Yo-Kai Watch 2 (Probably because I have been tossing for too long if I wanted the plushies and figurines I saw during Animaga )! Been eyeing on the title due to the cute cat spirits since when I first saw them on the New year show in Japan, and I note it will be getting an English adaptation of the first game soon (There'll be a demo during EB Expo late October and the preorder price is already at high $70! orz) so I took up the offer and played for 1.5 hours (Which is not enough haha ).

Mostly covered the gameplay experience and not so much the story, since the background and surrounding have so much details I just had to check them out before progressing with the story!

Brought to you by Level-5, seriously this company's titles can't be missed!

This post mostly go by the game flow...
During the middle of the night, you have your Yokai watch stolen by two mysterious evil yokai. Like pokemon, your mum wakes you up the next morning to get going.

One concerning part to before anything happen... why does the mum and dad have seprarate beds!?

You spent your time together as a family at Sakura New Town until...

I knew it, the parents have arguments (As hinted from the separate beds) ...! In all cases, follow the mother (Since she have a bigger role learn from any Pokemon games and dads are hardly there!)!

As much as I want to follow the mother's decision for Honke Manjuu I couldn't since Kurako bought Ganso.

When manjuu breaks your family apart...

Due to your missing watch you forgotten everything about Yokai.

Trees, grass, under the car.
Attack style

* Befriends with Yokai by defeating them in battle (What ever happened to negotiation/communication). haha
* Explore the town for hidden Yokai and items
* Take quests and solves problems of the residents that's caused by Yokai in town (Well mostly).
* Catching bugs! The rarer the better!

The bug catching depends on the timing of the tab and if it hits the orangy colour of the bar. Where it does land on the colour, you have captured the rarer insect.

Love the little detail to wearing the shoes upon leaving the house... though saying that they didn't do the same for the school (They even have shoe lockers!) or other places such as the toilet where they don't close the door or change slippers. XD

I knew Fumi Chan would be a girl! The rule in Doraemon characters never fails (3 boys and 1 girl)!

The meeting with Whisper - the Yokai Butler!!

I did a few more quests after meeting with Whisper but didn't take anymore photos. But the general flow follows through with the anime. Familiar Yokai from the anime could be seen within the game.

If you choose to be a boy you will be using Keita (Hero in the animate) otherwise you will be using Fumika. I chose a boy since Kurako played the girl side before. Though I think I would continue to use Fumika when I get to the play the game properly, since the anime features Keita as the main character already. Would be interesting to see the girl's side - in the hope of some otome game situations (If you don't think the game itself have alot of BL implied situations, then you could continue to use Keita). XD

As seen from the movie, it seems like everytime the new game starts, Keita would loses his memories of Yokai (due to the missing watch)? Further, the golden rule of anything strange have to do with Yokai never fails. XD

Highly compared to Pokemon, which in this case is much like Monster High versus Barbie. But the key differences are that these Yokais have more straight forward names and appearance as with Japanese fable stories, further Yokai could not be seen by the human eyes (unless they're higher level yokai). I love the fact that when you summon the Yokai they could be in the middle of doing something.

Further to the cross over between Pokemon, you could carry a maximum of 6 Yokai medals at any one time. Each Yokai has its own unique skills and strengths, so use strategy to assemble your team to address different problems and fight different evil Yokai.

Another comparable would be the Animal crossing aspects with the bugs catching and fishing (apparently!).

But it's definitely a game worthwhile to check out... but the pre order price is already quite high for a standard 3DS game... of $70! TAT Prep your wallets because I don't think it'll come down any lower. orz

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