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Legendary Pokemon Extinct Dinosaur

You didn't think they would do it since they would be out of animals by now with Aussie animals, baby animals and super animals cards. But they did it anyway! Calling the dinosaurs Ancient Animals (I must say they must be inspired by Jurassic World)!

Shops at Woolworths between Wednesday 30th September 2015 until Tuesday 10th November 2015 to receive one Woolworths Ancient Animals Pack (3 cards & 1 sticker) for every $20 a customer spend! with over 108 ancient animals (81 cards and 27 stickers) to collect. The stickers are not numbered so I suppose it's not required to collect them all which means... you actually got less chance to collect the 81 cards!
I must say I have been going to Woolies more since their campaign and was wondering when is the next lot. And then my friend broke the news to me as they were talking about them on the radio. So we had light green, red, light blue, dark green and this time... it's orange!

Here's what the folder look like.

They've change the folder shape (Doesn't feel like a set now with the previous ones ) and it probably save some space in shipping in terms of their costs. I'm not getting the folder yet this time round... in case I don't finish the set... just like last time with the last super animal sound card set. I'm still missing card # 125 from the Super Sound Animal Christmas Edition if anyone is willing to give it up for me. lol (Totally gave up the Domino set)

Packaging is much like those food packaging (Relatively easy to peel)... and made in Italy this time.

The cards are alot smoother this time round too (Matt printed?). Also you don't need to break them apart - I actually enjoy the suspense and the additional thing I had to do. lol On top of that, I was disappointed in the graphics for this set of cards. I know they're trying to keep it consistent with the past few collections with realistic looking pictures... A few of my friends have commented that they're not as appealing as the previous set - well ugly is the word they use. Suppose because they're not fluffy at all.

Regardless, the OCD blood in me is boiling abit to attempt to collect a set...

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