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Minna no Pokemon Scramble

Having a closer look at some of my fellow street passes people's recently play games I always sees an odd looking Pikachu! Finally, out of curiosity, I started playing and became addicted to this free 3DS game (I did play Pokemon Shuffle as well, but the gameplay in this one resembles the dungeon series which is alot cuter, as well as being stuck at a particular stage for a while now made me do it .haha)!

It's pretty funny now that I think about it, despite having just posted the Yokai Watch post and heading into that fandom. I still enjoy Pokemon! Just a matter of time until Yokai Watch release their game! If not, until Pokemon release their latest game! Got a feeling they'll be rotating. Hopefully that will starts some competitions and more quality products to come (Must prepare wallets)!

Anyhow, back to Pokemon!
In the Kingdom of toys, the king requested that you (Chosen Mii) to catch 11 Pokemon with his Pikachu, in order to compete with the magician who has 10 Pokemons... upon completion, you will note that the King have on going requests. lol

Stage select. Well, it's not so much selection when it's partially on random.

You were then sent off to the training field in a hot air balloon. Balloons could only be purchased through use of diamonds. Unlike the coins, they could only be earned in daily quests (By meeting those criteria) or via streetpass (Oh and via passwords! )!!!

Press A to attack! As you level, you will come across Pokemon with secondary attack with a B!

You Mii comes to pick up the Pokemon at the end of the stage. Seriously, our Mii doesn't do much in this game do they?!

Last but not least, your King is curious about the Pokemon you bring back!

They even provide a tracker to see which Pokemon you have captured (clearly seen), seen (lightly faded out) or yet to see for each stage (Greyed out)!

Complete challenges to obtain in game currency and Poke Diamonds (Payable currency) in order to unlock balloons and misc items to decorate your Profile cards!

* Spend your precious hard earned Diamonds for new balloons. The sooner you capture new pokemon, the quicker your rank and ability to unlock new balloons!
* Buy things on Daily Special! Since they're not there every day!
* Get spot passes on internet! When you rescue friends in the stage you get power up or even diamonds!
Interesting to see Japanese region players have their greetings set up in their same language!
* Use Passwords that's available on their websites or facebook pages, and of course, on Bulbapedia (Wiki)!!
* Change Mii setting daily to receive 100p coins!
* Say goodbye to Pokemon you don't need! Sort the Pokemon by Quantity each run to filter through the duplicate, then filter power from Lowest to Highest to reconsider whether you want to keep the Pokemon! I purchased a pokemon house to expanded the "storage" once, so I have a capacity of 60 Pokemons maximum to rotate! Sad to disappoint others, that house is no where to be seen. lol
* Keep special coloured name Pokemons, because it's cute partner to have an extended name. lol

Pikachu is such a starter Pokemon! lol I didn't use it anymore then I said good bye to it and it went back to the King!

I particularly enjoy this one because your Mii gets to be part of the story. XD Moreover, I enjoyed the costume purchase side for the Mii characters (Avatar Dressups)! I always thought the Mii are too plain and needed more costumes! If only they do it for normal Mii on Streetpass... that said, that'll be another huge money tree for Nintendo!!

The little town right in front of the castle. It's literally a one screen town. I wish they expanded it like Animal Crossing

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