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Australia just released the fifth generation of the pokemon series - Pokemon Black and White on the 10th March 2011! We did not preorder this time... hence didn't get the freebies. orz I still remember the hype around the same time last year... for Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver with the Pokewalker. This time it's really about the game itself with its 3D-ness and the brand new story! <3

Despite we didn't preorder this time, we did manage to get a copy on the release date! :D
Opening Ceremony (LOL)

I got home on the 10th March night and I saw the 2 boxes of Pokemon Black and White (White version is my one) on the table so I had to take some pictures of them. XD



Booklet (NOTE the only difference is the little shadow of the legendary)

Where to get and prices comparision
BigW $47
Dicksmith $49
Target $59 (B/w styler + Sleeve Kit)

There's actually quite a lot of different prices, depending on what sort of freebie you want...

Additional goods!
* Strategy guide @ Target for very low price of $20, Until 16/03/2011, then back on $35!

* Get your Special Pokemon - Victini from EB Games until 28th April 2011! If not, online. :P

Thoughts so far:

* Professor Juniper! Finally! A female Professor! But this is part of the feature of this new game which everyone knows about.

* I was kinda disappointed that the box shinny like the Soul Silver...

* EPIC opening. Love the new style to the opening. Seems very SquareEnix like -the Chocobo Fables colouring style.

* More of a (Character) story compare to previous games?

* Like more movement in the Gifs in battle scene - throwing of the pokeball and the movement of pokemon!

* If you liked the day and night time... try Season!

* Love the 3D town. Though I kinda miss having a pokemon tagging behind your back.

* Tried so hard to talk to people who walk pass you in the city. I actually had a bit of fun trying to block them from walking.

* This generation of pkmn seems to be fatter and cuter... though I was told because this generation looks more like actual existing animals.

* Total no. of Pokemon have reached close to 650! I wonder how many more generation could Pokemon produce...

Random thoughts:

* Team Plasma... I still like the name Team Rocket more... orz

* Day care Centre man gave me a bicycle! Makes me wonder why he didn't use it to run away from Team Plazama...

* Bianca: "I'm going to keep traveling with *Insert trainer name* and my Pokemon! lol Since when did we travel together!?

* Elesa looks like Lily from Vocaloid! lol *slightly addicted* :P

* Liapard looks like Doroshi from Yattaman? XD

* The side view of the backpackers looks like snails... at first I thought they were human carrying giant shells... orz (Simliar to special species of human in One Piece)

* The scene where you're dragged by N to the Ferris Wheels makes me goes Kyaaa! XD It's like a date! (Probably too much Otome games ^^;)

* N and his questions, whether you agree with his believes or not, I think might... affect the ending...? o.o

With the hype of the release of B&W, I believe I will leave the Pokemon Park (Only started last Tuesday ^^;) on Wii for the moment...

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