[iPhone] Shiroyukihime to 11 Nin no Ikemen

Build your own Harem!

Not a typical game that you would see being released by SEEC Inc! Houchi game that's based on the classic fairy tale story Snow White! But unlike your typical Snow White fairy tale spin offs, the 11 ikemen doesn't include the hunter (Even the uncle said so himself that this isn't what what the players are anticipating! lol) nor the dwarfs either (Actually there are no dwarfs! ).
Random thought but the ikemen shadows should probably be in that blue colour instead of pink. XD

Snow white loves Ikemen. One day she walks passes the queens's room and saw her talking to the mirror. Mirror Mirror on the wall, show me the most ikemen off them all. From the mirror appeared an ikemen, in which the queen took the ikemen's hand and disappeared off the the room inside! Shaken by what she just witness, Snow white decided to steal the magical mirror now that the room was empty. Whilst carrying the mirror to her room, she bumped into the hunter who offered his help. Upon hearing Hunter's rumor about her mother trapping 11 ikemen in the under ground cellar, she decided to rescue them all and - trap - turn them into her ikemen knights in shining armors...

Tap to release ikemen who were conned to stayed at the castle. Defeat the queen in the witch disguise and unlock all 11 levels/ikemen characters. Increase the ikemen by tapping to the mirror. Tap on the + Mark below in each floor to increase the character level.

Defeat the witch through tapping on them.

Upon completing all routes the queen will appear (although mostly covered by the characters in their final form which is massive haha), defeat her to unlock the ending!

* Aim to increase each character to a certain number to increase the power (Permanently)!
* Share via Line / Twitter / Facebook to increase the power for 3 minutes and there are no limit to how many times you could share in a day!
* Ensure you power up the characters with the gem first as they're easier to obtain compared to leveling.
* Click Rebirth as soon as you complete the first round (Upon seeing the ending). This will restart the story and the ikemen levels, but gives you one of the hidden mirror and also bonus points. You can always re read all the unlocked stories and your items are kept.

I mainly played it for the ending. haha In between route ends are fairly satisfying with their reasons and decisions to stay and all. That aside, the queen is too cute and she seems to be more spoil than Snow White!? XD

The real plot of the story exposed! And Snow White pretty much wanted to conquer the world (More ambitious than the Queen herself)

I have completed all routes and all leveling but I'm unsure how to unlock the last 3 mirrors - still blacked out without any price / criterias to unlocking them. Plus, the crazy lag (Maybe I have too much games on my phone?) does pulls me off from attempt to unlock the last 3 mirrors. My guess (based on my current stats) to unlock the last 3 mirrors would be more rebirths, or tap the mirror 10,000 times, or defeat the witch 1000 times...


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