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At Rosehill racecourse!

It's been a while since my last convention post... (I didn't bother to write a post which table I was on prior to it even. haha I totally skipped all the Supanovas and Eb Expos posts too... but here it is the Smash convention report backdated to 8th to 9th August 2015!

Saturday - Gintama (Dekoboko Arc)
Ginko @ Kurako
Shouko @ Nabari

Sunday - Gekkan Shoujo
Hori @ Haruki
Seo @ Secret007
Waka @ Bambi
Yukari @ Kurako
Chiyo @ Nabari
Tanuki @ Chacha (Animecha)
Kashima and Nozaki were wild lol
Typical Friday nights were meant to be last minute table prepping, but this year I ended up working on all the modification for Shouko (Sougo Genderbend from Gintama)! XD I somehow managed to sticky tape all the gold to the boots, trimmed the wig and sew all the hooks onto the jacket within a night! But of course, I didn't managed to have time to pump out new products for the next day...

Received message from a friend that Smash is started 30 minutes earlier than the announced time, but we didn't end up getting there earlier than we originally planned (It's what happens when you car pool). There was no express queue for Artist / Vendors who didn't collect their passes on Friday, so we waited at least 20 minutes for the people who preregistered in front of us until Hehalana's friend Khema saved us when she waived at me. When I finally got into setup people already started entering (Sorry Pireze for shooing you away, but this happened the consecutive year with me running late!).

Sobbing over getting in late and missing out on everything, Colin gave up Kaname's signature token (Thank you Chacha ), which is very limited to artists this year! I was almost moved to tears. So before I headed off I make sure my face was intact. lol I managed dropped the giant chibi Winter Hoozuki that I wanted to give to Kaname during the signing session, so I ended up not giving him anything. =A= I did spoke to him in my extremely rusty Japanese (He was so nice to reply ;w;) and confirm that he would be cosplaying as Hoozuki for Sunday (I thought since he wore it for the Friday afternoon interview he wouldn't wear it again )! Pity I wasn't going as Peach Maki for the Sunday since we already done both of the cosplay for K anime and Hoozuki no Reitetsu last year! orz He was so nice that he shook everyone's hands, especially to those who bought his photobook (I managed to flick through a signed one whilst waiting in the queue and the girls managed to have a selfie token )! I got back to the artist alley after an hour queue for the signature and my friends said my convention is over for the year since my life mission was completed. lol

I returned to the table to found my table wall decoration have mostly all disappeared to my surprise, but found out that I had a big spender that raided the decoration. orz It's partly my fault for selling one giant chibi to the cosplay in Heroine from Amnesia, since I knew I have a replacement so it was ok. My friends thought they were all available for selling while I went to get signature. ^^; These spenders normally come to the table when I'm away from the table, so I was told I should go walk around more often. haha Would love to have met the girl that bought them, since they were mostly all otome game (that I'm interested in) heroines!

My table partner Zhen and Kurako as Ginko! Realised after the day ended that we didn't take photos together. orz

There wasn't too much to talk about for Saturday since I was mostly away from the table. haha Colin said my convention is done right after getting the signature from Kaname (Utlimate goal for Smash).

Some hour before the end of the day a wild Sougo appeared so we decided to fight one another to see whose more S.

At the end of the day, we Went out for dinner as a huge group locally at a Korean BBQ restaurant. Funny story is that for some odd reasons, at most times Korean restaurants staffs tends to know about Anime (This happened in Melbourne before too where one of the staff used to cosplay too! XD). I was spotted as Sougo (I removed the ponytail, scarf and eyemask but did not change out of the Shinsengumi uniform) and Akimi who happened to sat next to me in long white wig was asked if she was doing Pachiko (Cross dress Gintoki), while Kurako as Ginko was hiding in the corner. haha


I didn't end up making anymore Koi shiyo! merchandise (I wanted to make a tote bag...) nor did I do a sign to say Nenkan (Yearly) Shoujo. Saturday night I spend most time trying to make my new products out for sale. orz

Signature queue...

This morning, we got there around the same time but when we went to the guest building, we saw everyone that was queuing for signatures already (since Attendees already have their weekend passes). It's a wonder how long they have been waiting for (Since I saw photos of them running in for the signature token afterwards). orz Once again I was very grateful to Colin and Chacha for the signature Token on Saturday!

After an hour into the convention, we closed the stall and away to Maid Cafe! It's our typical group activity on Convention day to go to Maid Cafe in group cosplay!

A BRIEF! summary of Smash Sunday... XD Our Maid Cafe food! There are more from the set but I realised I only took pictures of the half that got drawn on. haha

The day become a BRIEF day after it all started what to draw and the first dish was Hori's. By the end of the day, the Maid decided to call herself Brief for next year and we're known as the Brief squad.

Polaroid of the Brief squad!

The trend of Kashima appearing gets abused by us Hori.

lol We didn't end up having a Nozaki as usual - but there were quite a few Nozaki, Chiyo, Kashima and Seo wandering around for the whole weekend. Hori (S) and Waka (M) seems to be the rarer characters though.

To end the day, a wild Nozaki appeared so we got a more proper group shot!

I also managed to use the signature prop I made! We all got kick out immediately after these few photos so yeah it was perfect timing. XD

Thanks Haruki for the dreamy effect that's permanent on her phone camera! LOL

I didn't end up going to dinner with the others due to lack of sleep over the past few nights. orz Nor did I managed to find the time to deliver the Hoozuki no Reitetsu themed presents to Kaname. orz Guess Smash really did ended for me as soon as I got Kaname's signature. I must say I was rather disappointed that Reika and Kaname didn't end up cosplaying from the same series together... such as Shingeki no Kyoujin and Hoozuki no Reitetsu. *sigh* And here I thought if I could get the Shingeki no Kyoujin photo book that I missed out last year and get them both to say and with Yuegene's signature that I will get in Melbourne, the photobook would become the ultimate with the perfect trio! That's not to say I wasn't happy with them bringing their own photobook individually... just that I couldn't get my hands on them. orz

My loot for the weekend (Include Supanova goodies - as I didn't do a post and they were also available at Smash)...! Later I realised I didn't include the Persona 3 picture but I was too lazy to put them all back in again...

Interesting change for me at artist table is from fanarts and onto more originals... Hopefully I'll do more originals going forward with the new markers (4kg worth!) my Aunty bought for me!

More convention backlogs to come!

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