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Yokai Taisou Daiichi

On my watch listing at the moment when I realised they reduced the preorder price now! Features the highly addictive and brain washing ending song from Yokai Watch brought to you by Level-5! Not only you could play puzzle game with that as BGM but you could also revisit the dance routine!

Here's a quick post to keep up with the Yokai Watch hype before the actual English game is released on 5th December 2015!

NOTE: Only avaliable on the Japan iTune store.

Clear the Jibanyan by lining up 3 of the same colour.


Special Nyans
Shuriken - clear Nyan in a row/Column.
Kira Eyes - Clear surrounding Nyan.
Heart - HP Recovery.

Unlock difficulty
There's the ad that pops up during each break that directs you to the Official site of Yokai Watch which is abit annoying... Note, Level 5 was their last level... XD


* Jibanyan Level 1 is default.
* Togenyan Level 2 by playing Level 1.
* Warunyan Level 3 by playing total of 3 times.
* Robotnyan Level 4 by getting over 100 Combo.
* Bushinyan Level 5 by getting over score of 1,500,000.

They could so expand this game by either providing more levels or just including more Yokai. I played it with the mindset that they will have games that are like Pokemon spin offs. But what I got was alot less than that. Suppose it's intended for a younger market, so I managed to finished the game within 5 plays (I unlocked Level 4 and 5 in Level 3). That said, after browsing their official site, apparently there's a DX version with more song and Yokai! Though it's only available on Android Japan Store.

It was so short I find it hard to believe it's official app if not for its full length ending song! The full song lyrics were interesting... haha Makes me wonder if the full ending song actually have the English dub done. Pity they don't do nearby or online versus, though they do allow players to compare their scores. Guess I'll only be running the app again for the song and dance!

Official Site


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