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Smartphone Kareshi

The title brings back memories... I had abit of hopes up but sadly it had nothing to do with D3 Publisher anymore. Brought to you by Avex Pictures released under Thomson Inc, a messaging style gameplay love simulation game with characters designed by Konbou, which heavily resembles Uta no Prince Sama... but I must admit the colouring is even worst than the Utapri Anime. orz Not to mentioned the events are fully voiced with a CG too!

I don't normally take note of script writers but since they mentioned it, Hayama Izumi is the script writer from Edge Works, previous works includes Aijin Keiyaku by Accela. There wasn't really a Prologue in game, but it's on the app store.

I'm mostly doing this post because of the title...

If you were to marry, would you choose someone who earns 2 billion yens a ear, or someone with no income at all? After returning home, you got contacted by various guys from the match making party. Everyone have their own charm points, but their income ranges varies too much! Deepen your relationship and you might find the dream marriage partner...

See familiar faces...? Well you're the not only one!

Not in any particular order...

Asakura Kyougo (CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga)
Murasame Kinnosuke (CV: Saitou Souma)
Mogami Tatsufumi (CV: Takeuchi Shunsuke)
Hanasaki Toshiya (CV: Eguchi Takuya)
Tsukikage Kazushi (CV: Miyata Kouki)
Maki Minagi (CV: Hiruma Shunya)
Arima Yoshiki (CV: Jinya Haruka)
Suzuki Satoshi (CV: Nakajima Yoshiki)
Leif Bradley (CV: Komada Wataru)
Ataka Kizuna (CV: Nishiyama Koutarou)
Oosawa Koutarou (CV: Tsuchida Reiou)

You get quite a few star raising seiyuu from a few otome games on mobile such as Ensemble Stars, Koisuru Shikigami, Binan Koukou Chikyuboueibu Love... etc

Choose between 3 options for your reply. Ranges from Good / Normal / Bad which could be identified with the sound effect.

Messaging style as seen in Mousou Mansion Risou no Kare to Renai dekiru by GimmicPlus Inc (See my post here) and Mousou Kareshi Mail by Index Corporation (See my post here) - Is it just me or does the Mousou theme echoes heavily in this post.

I purposely uploaded a picture of Nanami from Uta no Prince Sama as my profile picture. XD

Upon your deepen relationship, you get to listen to the characters confession (Free) and propose (Comes with a fee).

* Review the app to get Tokuten Character voiced by Miyata Kouki.
* Listen to the tune to see if you get the correct/normal/bad answer. You could always restart the route if the conversation is still short. XD
* Share on Twitter or Facebook to get the special wallpaper.

Will your choice will be driven by the amount they earn...? (That said, Himo is definitely out of the question. ) Or will love conquer all? To be honest, I don't think it matters much in the 2D world. lol I wasn't overly excited about the voiced component, but more the characters' personality (And totally skipped the earning factor! Felt it was an unnecessary number. lol). That said, you only get the reason why they were at the party first up, the rest you find out between the conversation and the meet up event.

Since the game allows you to simultaneously reply messages to different routes, I felt like the heroine was cheating on these guys at the same time. lol Especially when I had Suzuki asking if she was working or day off and at home and about food and stuffs, and then you realised she also have Maki who always goes to her home for dinner. XD Suzuki was ok but like he said he is plain so his route was also abit plain, I was disappointed that I didn't really see the food drawn on the event CG! orz So far my favourite is Lief since he's easy to understand and that use of English and Japanese in a sentence is simply love (And the event CG where he holds the chopsticks... I'm abit worried). haha I didn't like Arima much, he was hard to understand and I secretly hoped he was abit tsudere and it didn't happened. And that at home date event CG I don't even! lol Mogami was around the same. I felt abused without much reasons. (Miss my Tsuns) The special route Tsukikage... felt too formal and reserved... it wasn't until second event CG.

I didn't quite understand how characters are unlocked, but mostly let it take sometime to digest, open it again another day and you get new characters messages (4 more characters to unlock for me!). It should be noted that they don't necessary reply quickly... I did have Hanasaki's route which no further message received for me to reply that I had to restart the route, works fine afterwards. Mostly because I accidentally closed the event without watching through the whole thing.

Regardless, this was actually better than the other apps I mentioned previously that I compared it to. haha Mostly because this gameplay accelerated quicker than the others.

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