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@ Royal Exhibition Building

My first visit back to Melbourne after few years ago since the last of the convention, Manifest...!

Must say I am really grateful for Chacha to show us around Melbourne as well as for all the panels/events at the convention!!!

Backdated to 4th to 7th September 2015! Read only Saturday and Sunday portion for thoughts on Animaga!
It's been a while since my last ultra early flight. I must say my brain wasn't fully tuned in for Japanese reading and let alone playing the Daigayakuten Saiban demo. Weather was abit wet when we left which caused minor delay, but upon arrival to Melbourne it was all good. Since it have been a while, I was told that there's something called Myki which we went to purchase. Unlike Opal cards in Sydney, we actually have to pay $6 for the card itself, and the balance doesn't get credited back on to the credit card you pay on. Though saying that, majority of the area are within the Free Tram Zone, except for the convention itself, which was only 1 stop out of the Free Tram Zone.

Having checked in, Kurako, Kaya, Cherry and myself rested abit (Stock up food and drinks haha) before heading off to meet Chacha and friends around midday! We went to the Treasury Building first where we learn some much about criminals (and gold mine)... then explored a few places in general before we headed for tea at Hopetoun Tea Rooms (We call it high tea but you need to book in advance to be able to order it ). That place is a must go whenever we go to Melbourne - for all those delicious cakes!

Have walked around everywhere in Melbourne, that my DS coins have replenished to the level I wanted! XD We had TGI Friday, the wait was crazy but the food and the atmosphere was great. There were around 6 different tables celebrating their birthdays. We had an early night after dinner, since convention is on the following day (and not to mentioned we walked all day - I still haven't gotten onto the Free red Tram to date TAT), so we all headed back early.

Animaga venue and inside!

Didn't get to the venue on time due to various reasons (Being lost was one of them haha), but managed to get there around 11am. Chacha kindly reminded us whenever the signature sessions or panel was on and rushed us over. XD First time having a table at Melbourne, but I really just have some of my smaller items on OtaKuma's table for sale during the weekend. Didn't bother to bring any prints. Have to say I wasn't overly organised due to interstate and without my normal setups. But I was pretty proud of myself for finally doing lower lash for Peach Maki! Took me quite a while and according to Kurako she thought I didn't put it on after showing her that what I have done. orz

Saw a group of Gekkan Shoujo cosplayers! Pity Haruki and Kaya was doing Hori and Mikori on Sunday. Still no one cosplay Nozaki...!

Group photo that was meant to happen last year, finally happened!!

Dewmelen came in the late afternoon so we managed to get a group shot of the Hoozuki group along with Chacha as Kodama! Since we couldn't get a table for Maid Cafe (It's our tradition to do it as a cosplay group) so we just chilled around the venue and take random shots ourselves. Dewmelen cosplayed Lilith but without Bambi as Beelzebub since he wasn't traveling interstate with us, so we decided to go on a man hunt behind his back which is true to Lilith's style. lol

This is just one part of the many photos with random guys we could find at the venue. haha

While running around man hunting with Lilith, these two confessed that they wanted to feel the peach... If only Hoozuki was around! orz

Last event was queuing for Yuegene's signature (I wasn't going to get Yamashita's signature, but Kurako got it in the second round of queue) which took over an hour! Was there queuing 30 minutes before the signature session was on. Managed to be the first 5 people to get signature! I was surprised she didn't cosplay Touken Ranbu characters (I particularly love her Nakigitsune... so I was slightly disappointed that she didn't do a general Touken Ranbu photo book. I managed to get her Nakigitsune cos card though! I didn't really say anything to her but she did say Peach Maki when it was my turn...! XD I was gonna give her my cosplay prop which was Peach Maki's CD (Box only) but didn't end up doing it... I got too nervous. And when Kurako went to queue for Yamashita's signature, I saw Pyrotechnics with her friend who was cosplaying as Nakigitsune!

I managed to bring up the courage for shameless selfie with Nakigitsune (Been meaning to do one for a while and I can't believe I covered the cute little fox! )! As usual I don't like to upload too much photos with my big head, so I shrink the photo.

At the end of the day we went to Big Mama, and I highly recommend that place! Its portion and price outbid the ones in Sydney! I don't feel the same about Sydney Korean restaurants after this trip!

Arrived just in time for Maid Cafe around 11am! Maid Cafe's focus seems to be the butlers, since they're the ones that did the k pop dance. lol Overall was enjoyable but did felt abit short so we had to rush to finish our food. They allow 2 maids and 1 butler max per photo, but we didn't do it in the end since they're all busy. Love the little envelope (Origami!) they make to put the Polaroids in which was a nice little plus for me. I was slightly disappointed that we didn't get Anya's platemat to take pictures, only got Maya's. I think they should alternative between the sits and not have it for specific tables.

At Maid Cafe!

Only desserts gets words written by maid, not that they don't do savory, but more like, I didn't want chocolate on my savory food. Since we already tried the food from the food stall at the venue (They share menu except for the dessert) we only ordered desserts since we already had a try of what the mains are like on Saturday (Plus we had leftovers from Saturday dinner as breakfast!).

If only these cosplayers came on Saturday instead... haha Opportunities for potential massive group cos fails. They even have gijinka version of kingyosou!

There were other Gintama Cosplayers (Mostly due to the Seiyuu guest Furuyawho Touru who voiced Elizabeth from Gintama) who are more up to date and did the Soul Swapped episode of Gintoki and Hijikata! Glad to know people still recognise me as Souko without the signature mask!

Kurako did her Japanese 101 panel for the first time! I was there as cameo in case no one replies. But the audience were pretty good!

I left early to visit friends who I haven't seen for a while - and missed some too. As they always say, I should go there when there is no convention. I even have to leave the signing token for my friends to help me get.

My loot...! So little purchase from the artist table! It's mostly the guest signatures for me at Animaga.

Overall I do like the venue compared to the one for Manifest. Generally speaking, there's enough things to do and you could potentially do get all the signatures and panels in just 1 day (There Are probably just too many people that goes to Convention in Sydney)! I would definitely want to go again - depending on their guest list though (Since it is still interstate for me)! XD

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