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Let's spend time together study!

Brought to you by the creators of Renshou the exercise game, Creative Freaks introduce a new Kanojo for those who needs help studying... actually the other way around! XD Your childhood friend who couldn't help to stay awake whilst studying needs your help to keep her awake every 15 seconds (Or it's her only excuse for meeting up with you)!

This is one of those backlogs where I ran out of interesting games to play. haha And they still haven't update their official Benkyou website after 6 months.
You're an elite student in your last year of junior high school, where you're showered with the envious gaze from various people for your good grades in study and sports. Among them, there's one that looks at you with passionate gaze. And that's your childhood friend and classmate, Narumiya Rina, a plain looking girl with glasses. Rina approach you to aid her in study because she wanted to attend the same top private high school as you, but her biggest weakness was dozing off during study...!

Narumiya Rina (CV: Eguchi Mai)

Not to be mistaken for the other female voices for Renshou! series (I had a half written post somewhere on their 2+ since I WAS excited when a new game released from Creative Freaks). I only wish for her voice to go more extreme to show even MORE personality when it comes to the last few evolution. But free fully voiced game is rare!

Game play
Your job is to gently wake her up by popping the snooze bubbles.

First evolution... heavily reminds me of Manaka from Love Plus. XD

Although it's like a Houchi game, there's a maximum amount of snooze that could accumulate at any one time. The fever mode is triggered by tap on the gold heart to maximise the snooze (Once a day I think?) and happy tapping!


Then her life is in your hands as to how you manage the reply to her passionate confession!

I love the multiple routes (Her evolution life depends on your answer)! Though I wish there was more hint on how to unlock the last fews. Sometimes I forget what I choose and I did it all over again. lol You see the Rina's development - be it good (For the player) or bad (They are like extreme too lol) - which makes one wonder, what's so good about the main character (Player)?! And despite shes suppose to be the same person, I felt that the same person was long lost after each evolution... lol

It was interesting to find out that the character design was by Kissho Rira, who is a mangaka that I follow since a few short volume manga of such as Bookstore Ikemen and the more recent one Kuroneko wa Kare ni Koi Shinai Yakusoku. Got to say her colour style have changed quite a bit since the first one!

I look forward to the Benkyou for girls...? *nudges* As seen with their Renshou for girls title, even though it'll take a year or two and the boy is probably seen as really dumb in the end... XD (Somehow this reminds me of Futoshi no Heya. lol) Anyway, all of us should really head back to study instead of procrastinating! lol (NOTE: Playing this game whilst trying to be productive didn't work. This is coming from first hand!)

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