[iPhone] Anotoki no kotoba wo kikitakure...

"Haru" wo Sagashite!

Another quality houchi app brought to you by SEEC Inc! Loving the illustrations in this one! It's consistent and cute! The avatar somewhat reminds me of Chou Himo Riron!!! It's got to be those simple eyes! Makes it so simple and clean but yet so cute!

The cuteness is making me speechless, just read on for more details already!

Shinosaka Konatsu recently returned to the neighbour that her family moved away one summer, to find this boy who encouraged her when she was crying after being made fun of being chubby during her earlier childhood years. Since then she went on a diet and her parents remarried. The only clue she have is that she have now transferred to the same senior high school and he goes by the alias "Haru". But there appears to be 3 "Haru" in the same grade as her...? Now with the new appearance and having changed family surname,will "Haru" remember her?

From Right to Left!

Fujisaki Haruka
Kiryuu Takaharu
Yanagi Haruto
Side Character
Enomoto Yua

3 characters with 4 different endings (One per character and one of them is just Bad End or you could call it Yua's end... but definitely not Harem end to my disappointment haha) and 14 illusts in total! Upon completion of all the stories, you will get a CG with mini characters explained!


Tap to talk to students at the corridor to slide to collect memory pieces (star shaped) to increase experience. You can progress through the story once the Exp gauge is maxed.

It takes 60 seconds to replenish a group of students (Really just 50 seconds if you remember to tap to reduce by 10 seconds each time). Rarer characters (Such as Neko, Haru A, B, & C lol) appears at random or can be summoned with Cookies! I totally didn't realised it was one of the route character until I check the characters Profile index... Takaharu is too plain. haha

* Log in daily (Part of the quests) and don't forget to collect your items/memory pieces!
* Share via Facebook / Line / Twitter for the item candy (15 memory pieces)!
* Ensure you use items which is collected via sharing or quests!
* Watch ad to obtain 10 memory pieces!
* Review the app to earn 6 diamonds (You could only redeem one candy with it however).
* Game can be completed without purchase of diamonds (Paid currency)!
* Don't forget to play Scratchy for more items/memory pieces (replenished every 10 mins up to 5 times).
* Once you have talked to the characters more than 10 times, you will unlock an Omake manga! (5 to view their profile I think - since I got over that number when I do check it out again.)

The story is typical shoujo manga style! And if I haven't mentioned it enough, I gotta say I love the drawings! Plus, I love the fact that the characters shrink in size as they're further to the back (top) of the corridor (The background is drawn with a vanishing point!) which makes it looks more dynamic. Plus, you could revisit any part of the story anytime! I happened to press skip for one and I was devastated when I skipped the story! Thank god for this function!

My only complaint is that the memory pieces takes too long to drop after talking to the students (You're down to literally 20 seconds once you could pick up stars or just chilling until the next wave), it doesn't make much sense to use items to summon more characters though I did it anyway. XD So personally, I prefer to play the scratchy every 10 minutes than to talk to students...! Although saying that I do both anyway.

Actually, I was quite shocked by the characters endings... Suppose I was deceived by the laid back, happy go lucky background musics.

*Spoiler Alert*
To think that Haruka was so possessive (As if a stalker!), with his smile while he said that Konatsu could no longer speak to other guys. I actually thought it to be a normal route and despite him not being "Haru", Konatsu might probably just give up on looking and fall for Haruka who takes alot of note of her. My guess was that Takaharu would be the one, so I was surprised that he was the bully. Unlike Haruka, he didn't stop Konatsu in finding "Haru". And to be honest, I don't think Konatsu was really chubby... since for some strange reasons they knew it was her when they first saw her?! XD

And I knew there was something fishy about Yua when she first appeared. haha They should so put Yua as one of the avatar in the game for collecting memory pieces, if not for reducing memory pieces. XD Part of me was hopeful in Yua being a boy cross dressed as a girl. lol With the last character Haruto, I wasn't overly convinced since he didn't really get a proper CG with Konatsu! *sob* But that said he did get two CGs in his route.
*Spoiler Ends*

I basically played the routes in the towards the Happy End order, from the exact opposite. lol What better way to end it with the correct ending right?! There's also a fully voiced song at the end which is interesting! Unfortunately it wasn't sung by a male seiyuu. =w= Oh and here's a nice little plus, if you go revisit your collection with the CGs, their chibi selves would appear and make comment on the CG. (I have actually included one of the CG here on the post. Given it's the same as the app cover, I think it's okay to disclose it right...? ) Although the presence of Haruka was quite over whelming it does make me think that the company favour him more. That or because the other two Takaharu (Tsun!) and Haruto (Quiet) are less talkative.

Regardless, it is an enjoyable little app from SEEC Inc as always!

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