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Yokai Tsum Tsum Puni Puni

Brought to you by Level-5, another Yokai Watch spin off games that was promised earlier in the year (With two more - Yokaidex and the rhythm game - to go before this year ends... I think.)!

Again, filling up the hype until the release of the English adaptation of the 3DS game on 5th December 2016 for Australia (I heard US already released. =w= )! And yes although I haven't post much on Yokai Watch (Just lazy!), I'm already addicted. orz

NOTE: Only available on the Japan iTune store.

You obtain the Yokai Butler Whisper from an odd looking Gachapon machine, in which Whisper gave you a Yokai Watch so that you can now see Yokai. You then chase after a Red cat Yokai puni who ran off the street of Sakura Town...


Player plays as a new character (With differing icon as avatar), in which you will see the regular cast including the hero Keita (Nate) or Fumika (Katie). Defeat / be friend rival Yokai featured in each stage (As seen in Monopoly style) to move to the next stage. There are barricades which you need to fulfill 1 of the 3 criteria, either via Y Money, help of a friend, or specific Yokai level to go forward in the next area. Yokai from special stage may require you giving them their favourite item, and on top of that, you need to defeat them before they be friend you (I'm having difficulty in getting Komasan and his brother, so I'm annoyed ).


Tap the Yokai Puni to clear or slide to connect and form a bigger Yokai Puni. Fever and combo will deal with with greater damage. Once the soul gauge is filled you could use soultimate (Paws of furry from Jibanyan!)!


I was surprised with all the functions they included in this app, not only with the Yokai Puni collections (Much like the Yokai Medal collections!), daily challenge with ranking, Yokai Gacha, but Yokai fusion too to form stronger Yokai Puni and unlocking legendary Yokai just like the anime! I was disappointed that they didn't allow you to add random people as friends (Child safe? XD).

If you ran out of HP during the game, you could continue with 500 Y Money (In game currency). Fusion is also 500 Y Money. Suppose they made it easy for calculations (even their AP recover is 200 ~ 120 Y Money) except for their items! The game is free but one could accelerate the progress of the game via purchase of Y Money with real currency.

* Follow their official account on Twitter to learn more about limited only events, bonuses and rare appearances for Yokai.
* Do Daily Gacha (Spend those Yokai coins)!
* Collect rewards from missions/quests!
* Add friends! Here's my Friend code: 22aupt95

Many referred this as the Disney Tsum Tsum, given the same round simplified shape and the gameplay. But personally, the Puni Puni title reminded me of Slime (Jelly/Pudding) more, in fact, the whole movements of the Yokai puni creates some lags! I love the fact that in the data downloading part it allows you to tab on the round Yokai which turn them into the normal size with arms and legs (Must be the 3DS models from the first two games)! I was slightly surprised they didn't make the Yokai Watch different if user choose a girl character (avatar) like they did for Fumi Chan in the 3DS game 2. In the end the avatar can be interchangeable so it didn't really matter. Suppose it takes more work so they give up on that idea?

That side, this game app actually requires more storage than what I expected, hence I shifted from playing on the mobile to the iPad. I was surprised by the number of Yokai they have in there, didn't really count but some of them I note I only saw them in the very later of the Yokai Watch anime and up to 80+ stages from unofficial online guides. I love the fact that the duplicate Yokai actually makes the existing one stronger (Imagine all the card games were like that, my N cards will be super powerful! lol *Been gaming too much music card game apps*)!

Enough said, it's time to be addicted!

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