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Super Hard (to get) Kareshi

Brought to you by SEEC Inc, this is the first release of their Gekimuzu Kareshi series (I assume it is the first one and there will be more anyway. XD)!

The company is known for many of its escape games (I must admit as much as I play their escape games, I never got around to write about them due to the lack of interest - that said, my love for otome games are on another level haha) and houchi games (See my recent post on Anotoki no kotoba wo kikitakure... here). This is probably the new style they're exploring!

Although it's indicated for 17+ age... but I think it's mostly because of the high money spend and because the characters are Hosts!
Left to right: Sanosuke, Kyoya and Rui.

You're a customer of the Host club and in front of you are three different host to choose from your choice...

Easy: Yumeduka Kyoya
Normal: Hoshizaki Rui
Hard: Kujo Sanosuke

I would probably order them as they appear on the cover Sanosuke, Kyoya and Rui... just based on how much you will end up spending on them.

Kabedon made it into the question! lol

Choose your character route and answer 30 Questions which gives you the love meter score to get to each beautifully illustrated ending! Each character have 4 endings and additional story giving you a total of 15 + 1 special ending upon completion ! So it could be completed within 5 minutes per ending (which is the feature point they promote)!

Love levels (endings): 0 - 25%, 26 - 55%, 56 - 85%, 86 % - 100%.

I think they should have kept it simple to every 25% so I don't have to remember how much I can or can't go over to unlock another ending.

Although they allow us to choose the character route that we wanted, I do wish they actually make you unlock characters (Feels like I've done something haha) given they actually gave difficulties for each character. The level is pretty relevant as they're not your standard responses as you progresses through the level, and your financial status varies between characters.

You get to learn about the chosen Host as you progress through the questions, so it is recommended to just play as you go without thinking to try to clear the max love or the lowest love ordering. I love the fact that they have the autosave function for the result for each answers chosen, so I didn't have to think too much over getting to the target level love meter after the first go. If you keep getting bad answers, they will prompt you with a "Lucky Chance" (They do have a few spelling errors but you will still understand what they mean.) where you will watch an advertisement to choose another answer. But to be honest I don't think it was necessary so I skipped that part. I don't think the star rating for each ending is important...

Kyoya is probably the most Host like character... that said, I played his route first and got bored when I got to Sanosuke.

I was expecting Harem end for the special ending, not so much of credits and thanks in speech (text) format. haha Although the reply value is low, regardless I think there's potentials for another one under the Gekimuzu Kareshi title - maybe Idols, Butlers, bodyguards etc (What ever the trends are these days! XD)!

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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