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Vinsent Letter from Kanzaki

Brought to you by VODALES Inc, this is the free version of their same title Vinsent series Vinsent "Love Letter from KAZUKI", the fully voiced tracks with an hour of love letter reading!

Vinsent is spoken in the first person's point of view, reading the love letters filled with feelings that was not communicated face to face. There's also the for guys version under the name Hibari, but my focus is on this one for girls!


Prologue (From the original app)
Katsuki is the son of the Tsubakura group and a year one student from Sawakane high school with Pride and high common sense. You have known each other for over 10 years since first year of primary school. As the class representative with Kazuki as the vice president, you were not able to tell him you wanted to do Fried chicken shop for the School festival. Juggling between the work load, you fell ill and woke up to find a letter from Kazuki at the school infirmary room...

Tsubakura Kazuki (CV: Ito Kentarou)

Known for Abarai Renji from Bleach, Choji Akimichi from Naruto and Aogiri Yuuhi from Ayashi no Ceres!


Tab on hearts that appear over time to collect to unlock the tracks (Up to 11 tracks of love letters!). Unfortunately, each heart is give you 1 point towards unlocking the track... but luckily the hearts do get replenish relatively quickly. And of course, there's always an option to pay. For a limited time only, it's only

I wouldn't quite call it Ikusei game... it still feels like a houchi game more, since the character's statistics doesn't change as you progress... XD But that said, it doesn't give your extra boost to earn more hearts so I suppose it's not a houchi game after all! I have to say the touch of this is quite laggy and slow (but it could be because of my old phone that I have to tap multiple times on a heart for it to be collected). Apart from that one of the kuso part of this "letter", it's... an hour long!? So the letter on Kazuki's hand should be like a book thick?! The visual aside, I never thought anyone would be so expressive (So much screaming and so much Tsun XD) on letter...

There are limited amount of illustration, which I thought - if upon to unlocking and listening to all the 11 tracks should at least give me an event CG - but they failed to do so to my disappointment...! They must have thought what's important was really just the voice and not so much the illustrations...

Regardless, if you're a fan of the seiyuu's voice or simply want to listen to the tracks without paying or thinking much, this is an app not to be missed!

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