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Found a Manga! Komami Tama by Nakayama Atsushi

It's been a while since I've discover a new mangaka that I've taken liking into, particularly those that ends in less than 3 volumes. People say not to judge a book by its cover, but it's one of the main reason when I choose a manga to read.

From first glance the style seems to be similar to Shaman King, if not then some doujin fan works - the simple and clean style with some cute and lovable characters. Not to the extent that they're entirely unique, but enough to get you want to read it.

My thoughts was that it could have branched out to 108 chapters, pity it didn't last longer than 3 chapters. An additional 2 pager to leave a open end to the story... why does manga get canned. Double arts was force to end too... *sob* But that's another story all together.

Hence this entry is to promote this mangaka and his works! >w<)9
Daughter of a rundown shine Sakuya accidentally broken the seal of 108 prayer beads and released enormous amount of youkai that were captured 1,000 years ago. Not to mention, the stone lions Ashura and Uno as well! Now youkai are roaming free and Sakuya needs to fix this problem. Will Ashura and Uno assist Sakuya in the youkai sealing adventure in order to retrive the 108 prayer beads...!?

Similarities with other manga that I couldn't unsee:

* Collecting prayer beads - The thought of Shiko no tama from Inuyasha came... orz

* Guardian beast - Shaman King

* Dog whistle (?) - The effect of it is the same as Kagome's "Osuwari" (From Inuyasha)

* Characters trio - Samurai Champloo!

* Sakuya's character design - pretty much useless in battle but say very touching and meaningful things (Origin of Kako from Takkoku!), hairstyle (Momoko from Sumomomo Momomo), the reincarnation of the exorcist (Kikyou / Kagome from Inuyasha).

* Ashura's chacater design - Appearance (Ichigo from Bleach), style (Mugen from Samurai Champloo).

* Uno's character design - Male version of Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt! XD

* LOL I think the ending is quite rushed. Despite I did thought this would happened but more in a shoujo manga way. *too much shoujo influence* XD

Fruther development:
"Right now, I can't!! But... I promise you, once all the youkai are re-sealed, I'll give you my soul." With that in mind, I look forward to the romantic development between Sakuya and Ashuya. Apart from that, I would really love to see an chapter how Sakuya is turned into adult or just say she's the reincarnation of the exorcist, and then Ashuya would think of Sakuya as love interest. It's kinda sad to see how the mangaka decided to stop developing Ashuya's change of mind towards Sakuya in chapter 2 with a crack ending. In one way it's true to his style, but also in another way I was hoping for more.

For a year 2007 work I didn't expect too much. Though I think I need to head back to Kinokuniya for his Traumeister (2008 work) while the sales still on! XD Gonna mark him as one of the mangaka to follow!

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