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Jukebeat Otome style!

Brought to you by Sega Corporatio! A Live2D rhythm game starring characters in the Musical industry! Just to be abit more unique compare to the booming trend of Idol otome games...! Suppose being in a musical game allows them to wear even more extreme costume like clothing over the idols!? XD

The character design is relatively simple and clean which kind of reminded me of Prince of Stride (Anime to be release early next year 2016 WOOT! ), but apart from the characters, the music and song itself is fairly above average, compared to alot of games with heavy character resemblance to Uta no Price Sama...! One reason for me to be shaking my head as I skim through the Dengeki Girl's Style October 2015 issue. But that aside, I think this one to be alot less laggy (Without being kick out of the app) and highly addictive!

So of the listing, this one stood out from the lot.

Heroine is a script writer of a certain musical group which disband today. On her way back home she stopped what she thought was a fight, but turns out to be two cast of a musical company at the park practicing. She was then recruited by them to the Yumeiro Company as the screenplay writer and have a mission to finish off Asahina Kyouya's Father's screenplay which he didn't finish before he passed away.


Left to right
Tachibana Sousei (CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki)
Fujimura Iori (CV: Hanae Natsuki)
Amamiya Jin (CV: Yuuki Ono)
Asahina Kyouya (CV: Oosaka Ryouta)
Shindo Kaito (CV: Hayashi Yuu)
Sakuragi Hinata (CV: Uemura Yuuto)
Jougasaki Subaru (CV: Tasuku Hatanaka)

Much like Jukebeat by Konami (Except this have fewer boxes), colour marker(s) will appear on the grid in time with the music beat, tap on it at the right timing to get higher scores. Colour markers ranges from Yellow (Tap), Blue (Tap, hold and release) and Green (Tap and tap).

The game flow: Play musical, increase love meter and unlock drama!

There are 3 different catagories for the character cards that you could put onto the team between music, dance and story. Each song will have a specific catagory , so if you use the cards that are from the catagory, your score will be better (provided you also perform well).

Special Event songs!

There are also difficulties setting which ranges from Easy, Normal, Hard and expert. Personally I prefer to play on Easy/Normal, as hard is sometimes too hard. lol Plus if you perform well you get alot of rewards so highly recommend in completing all the Easy - Normal levels with S status and max combo.

As with most of the free games, Action Points (AP) is required for each performance and you will recover AP via leveling up or just let time to heal 1 AP every 6 minutes. Sometimes I purposely choose to play the full song so that I use up the balance of AP just before leveling up. XD

Stage and backstage
This part is the side component of the game. XD

Stars are collected from Audience at the stage and are used to buy items to customise your stage as well as to purchase items to give to characters at the backstage. You have a max of 5 visits to the back stage per day. You can increase the character's love and levels of your tension bonus in the musical performance through presents.

If you have time then note down each characters favourite items in their profile, in order to increase the love points and tension points. Takes around 3 visit to max (With maximum of 5 visits a day) the tension if you get their favourite items, otherwise it still increases but not as effective as giving them their favourite items. Once you have given the character their favourite item it will be noted on the item. However, it does not mark their dislike so remember what you tried. lol

* Friend Invitation: ae0916b4 (Enter to get a Free rare ticket! Up to 10 Max)
* Visit and cheer on your friend's stage daily to get 100 Gacha point per day visit. Hence it is important to have friends. lol
* Swipe to collect stars from audiences (Friends or visitors) for stage renovations with higher chance with character cards or more items to give to characters to increase love level.
* Ensure you play the events musicals as they're for limited time only. It may unlock special event items for stage decoration.
* Use Tension Bonus mostly for full songs as the duration is longer and you're more likely to break the combo.
* Recommend on spending on items for the stage that increases the appearances of certain characters. So start saving up those stars!
* Don't forget to do Daily Gacha!

The use of Live2D reminds of Tokimeki Restuarant! That said, the live performance feels more live! (That's because Tokimeki Restuarant is a Restuarant gameplay!)

I always choose to have the most power on stats. Ideally is to have all 3 different category card teams, though I used up most of the random cards to level up the R (Rare) cards. XD I was disappointed that you can't Make Up (power up by merging two cards) the N (Normal) cards more than once. =3= It does keep a record of which card have been merged before by showing you the merged result. I do like to merge all the N cards but the downside is that you can't skip the makeup animation...

With fully voiced main and character love scenarios, it felt like a full version of the game even without using real currency! Despite the plain character designs... it does stood out from the rest of the other titles that tries to be the next Utapri game. =w= With great musics and songs (I'm fairly basis with Sega musics), this is a title not to be missed!

If you're into Idols themes apps, here's to name a few that I don't think I will be posting about.

Ensemble Stars by Happy Elements K.K
Aichu by Liberent
Idol Master Side M by Bandai Namco Entertainment which didn't get as much attention as their new Idolish Seven with character designed by the mangaka Arina Tanemura. The resemblance to Utapri is uncanny. orz

Official website

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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