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Brought to you by MOVIC CO. LTD, based on the popular Tsuki Uta CD series, players could choose their favourite Tsuki Uta character as their avatar to play mini games and read short stories!

Much like Utapri Island, only this one have more games (And a whole lot more characters and not to mention, seiyuus)!
The mains!

Too many to write about, and most character details are online anyway so I'll skip this.

This is just my chosen avatar character! Each chosen character will come with a partner which you could dress up and hear their voice as well!

There are five playable mini games It is uncertain if they will add anymore... (There's one handy spot at the bottom of the right hand side that they could easily replace it with a game!)


From top to bottom
Shooting - control the space ship and defeat the enemies.
Usatataki - tap on the rabbit as they appear.
Tsumiusa - stack the rabbits as high as you can!
Rhythm Game - tap to the rhythm and light.
Tsukiuta Puzzle - swap boxes to align at least 3 same colour boxes to clear.

* Ensure you choose your favourite character to start off with, as it sets the characters voice when ever you're in the game!
* Login daily, complete missions and participate in events!
* Invite friends and earn 100 coins. Here's my friend Code: gy2j6hkf

To be honest I didn't realise that it was Tsuki Uta's spin off game due to the app cover, nor am I familiar with Tsuki Uta characters! I know what Tsuki Uta was, but I admit the whole registration part took quite a while since I didn't know who voiced which characters. I wish there was a handy little note with the character voice or give you a sample voice first up, before you choose the character! Because surprisingly, there are over at least 30+ voiced characters in it (I didn't really want to count but that's roughly around the number)! That said, the initial update was quite time consuming, mostly I think is because of all the voiced lines and contents.

Avatar items are abit hard to collect, despite having gacha... there's no free daily gacha but only daily logins bonus. orz

Apart from the Tsukiuta Puzzle, which is the same as the default game in Utapri Island, there are a few unique mini games (on mobile) they have here such as the shooting and Usatataki. To be honest I don't enjoy playing the shooting game since the gameplay is quite dated. The usatataki is generally ok and you get to see the other characters too. There's not much to say about the Tsumiusa since it's a very quick game. But the rhythm game wasn't the best out there. I totally wasn't expecting there to be one (Given they ARE Mini games). I think in most cases, Rhythm games deserve to have their own games. The games are still relatively new, so I'm sure they'll be improving them...

Definitely a yes for collection for Tsuki Uta or seiyuu fan!

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