[iPhone] Tejoutsuki Idol Kyoudouseikatsu!

Handcuffed and living with an Idol

Brought to you by WWWave, a popular digital comic company now brings to you their first partially voiced (It even warns you that the next sentence have voice so you don't miss it!) otome game!

I don't particularly remember how I come across this one since it's been a while since I started. More recently I've been quite occupied with the Yokai Watch 3DS game release in Australia last Saturday, so I've been trying to finish it as soon as possible (Since I'm racing it against my friends ).

Backlog alert, but with abit more insight into the game!
Have to say Taiga always looks different in various CGs...

Heroine went deliver lunch order at an entertainment company and was dragged by the Idol manager Suzuhara to a Gekkon to fill numbers, despite how much she declined it. There she met 4 Ikemen who seems to have taken interests in her, but turns out it was a plan to recruit the perfect manager who will not fall in love with the idol for the idol group! Now she have to choose 2 out of the 4 ikemen to manage and lead them to become the top idols...


Jinguji Taiga (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou)
Naruse Toma (CV: Kishio Daisuke)
Tachibana Kanato (CV: Nojima Kenji)
Fujisaki Yu (CV: Sawashiro Chiharu)


Basic story mode with 5 story ticket a day with two character routes that occur simultaneously! Choose between three options by dragging your chosen answer to the message box, at the end of the episode your love meter will increase for each "correct" answer.


You get to dress up the characters (On top of that, their expression too once you've reach a certain amount in love meter with the character! ), design the single cover in Jacket (album) make and challenge others and earn fans in the Live Performance! Perform Live with Live Points to earn fans. Each performance costs 20 LP and it takes 1 minute to recover 1 LP.

* Wear all the highest points items on the Jacket.
* Make sure you sell your unused jacket items for coins! This helps with progressing through the story when you need to buy the required items, despite the required item are normally lower than the Gacha items.
* Use the item to do more Live Performances for more Coin!
* Do Events Live Performance as a priority. Normal story Live Performance also gives you coins and fans, however only events Live Performances gives you event points!
* Choose very weak opponents in the Live Performance in order to earn more coins and fans! And after 5 rounds of winning you get Fever! Once you get the Fever mode, it is recommended you continue to do Live Performances to earn more coins and fans!

Although you could simultaneously go for two routes, but I believe the dominate route between the pair is the first one you have chosen. That or I'm forced to feel that way because Taiga is so Oresama, he actually had more conversation and interaction with the heroine than Kanato. orz Even when there are scenes with Kanato, Taiga appear out of no where and then his love meter increases instead of Kanato who faded away from the chapter. *sob* But the greater thing about this game is that it seems like the love meter for both characters doesn't impact on one or the other. lol (Harem!!! )

As you progresses through the story, you will note that there is a high need to attack the newbies in order to win the live stage to get more coins and Live points. lol In the end, people who can afford to pay for the ingame currency will finish the game sooner than those who don't. I think the replay value is there potentially, but really do require constantly going back to do the live performance. This is mostly because the live performance threshold/coins to progress is too high! Word of advice, don't go spending your coins unless it is an mission item!

I will still play it, slowly but surely. However I won't be on top of this compare to all the other apps! It's probably gonna take 3-4 days before I can progress onto the main story again (I wish they carry forward unused tickets, but in reality, no games does that =3=)... I'm giving the events as my priority as it gives you extra items (provided you make it into the ranking) and we are always in need of in game currency. orz

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