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My play history on Yokai Watch

I managed to finish the game in less than 22 hours (Released on 05/12/2015 and finished in less than a week)... but to be honest, the story felt alot shorter compared to other games that I spent around the same hours for.

Mostly focused on thoughts and some tips...
* Do daily Gacha, up to 3 times. Whether you're using the coins earned from QR Code (There's alot found online!) or Play coin!
* Find all the Mirapo (After the Museum story), helps gets to places quicker!
* Push the button and wait at the Traffic Lights. That or just cross the road before you hit any traffic lights.
* Take note of your Yokai Rader, particularly for the ? Rank ones which gives you more items.
* Give food to Yokai to befriends with them. One should take the initiatives sometimes, otherwise it'll take forever to have them in your collection!
* Buy food that makes Yokai likes you "a lot" and "tons" at the festival! Don't worry if you don't have enough money since you can always go back upon completion of the game (And you will no better place to spree it on).
* Use the stamina boost during the Oni Time, otherwise you start from your room again!
* Use the orbs for extra experience (EXP) for your Yokai team to level quicker.


Yokai is Why? Yes, I need it to be explained to me really. WHY.

The game doesn't do enough explanation to the main plot so the story felt linear. Not to mentioned the names of the Yokai are not explained at all compared to the anime. Gives me a feeling that they randomly choose name for the Yokai. Bushinyan became Shogunnyan and Orochi became Venoct. I don't get it and surely it's hard for people without Japanese background to know why they're called those names. orz Looks like I'll probably need to wait until the English version of the anime to show them in it... which is a long way to go. On a side note, seriously, I don't understand why Kuma doesn't get a westernised name instead of Bear?

Playing as the heroine, Katie (Fumika).

I played abit of the game 2 in Japanese prior to playing the game 1. Whilst playing the game I notice there wasn't much difference between game 1 and 2 (Well, apart from the story)! Amongst the other stuffs that remain unchanged, little things that varies were the difficulties in catching bugs/fish and the appearance of the rare bugs and the story focus on... Whisper! That's the vibe I get anyway! I must say Whisper in the game was more reliable and likable compared to the one in anime! Probably because of the Yokaipad that he was using in the anime which makes him looks useless. I did get abit of spoiler when I bought Anthology and saw a few doujinshi title which suggested why Whisper was so likable.

Reliable Whisper!

In reality, I don't think Whisper is right about Yokai causing the parents to fight... given the seperate beds. lol

Overall the game consist of more doing things than actual story (and thinking!). I honestly think that they should leave the ending till the very end, and make the players play until they're rank S or at least let Orochi's story drag on abit prior to the second battle with the sealing of the Yokai (Or at least the second battle should have been with all the Yokai bosses in the previous chapters). I did enjoy the ending (It finished on a happy note)... until the inifinty summer holiday where you have alot more powerful Yokai bosses (I have my first wipe out in the abandon tunnel) and extras missions! That said upon clearing the main story of the game, I had only 60 odd Yokai!


The only thing I have yet to test out is the player versus player (PvP) part of the game. What's left behind now are quests and OCD-ness to befriend with all Yokai there is in this game. I think the game 2 or the spin off Yokai Watch Busters should be release sooner, given Yokai Watch 3 will be release in Japan next year!

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