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It's all about the Money, money, money...

Brought to you by SEEC Inc, following from their other game Seiran Koukou Riajyubu. One must say this school is filled with weird guys... I can't say Ikemen because in their previous game, the characters are in various different styles. lol I only went for Matsuoka Hiroto (I believe he's the main character since he's on the app icon!) and Yamino Hideo... and yes, I'm a Visual Kei (In another sense)! But honestly, I didn't want to write about the other one because of the characters... was so full of trolls!

Since it was a free app, they even did a pun on it's Priceless to spend time with the Ikemen. lol Looks like another troll app ahead! But regardless, let's move on to the better looking, but with terrible personalities Himo Men! Their speech will bond to make your blood boil. lol

Today too, the Himo club's door is open for a potential ATM fan...
Looks kinda like Power Rangers... lol

Heroine is a scholarship student at Seiran High school, a school with wealthy elites. One day she came across a room which turns out to be the a Himo Club with 5 ikemen. There she was greeted by Kanemochi Haruto, and was told if she joined their fan club, she could spend dream like time (date) with any one of them with a cost. But being a average student, she doesn't have money so she would need to do part time jobs in order to date any of the guys and try to make them the No 1 of the Himo Club...

I believe this is the more correct spelling of the names... despite what's written within the app.

Tasai Shun
Kaai Reiji
Kanemochi Haruto (That surname lol)
Charai Hikaru (This one too lol)
Kaminote Shunichi

I only wish they could do a proper job on designing the avatars instead of using a template...

As with their previous game, you need to work to save up money and basically shout everything for the characters. =w= I still don't understand but I believe the first game is filled with Himo as well. But regardless, make them the number 1 Himo Men by spending going on dates with them with the hard earned in game currencies!


During the date there will be one question with 3 different answers. They range from -10 to 10 to 20 love points.

* As soon as you got the wrong answer, close the app and restart. Going back into the date allows you to continue from the date without extra cost. Moreover, it actually gives you one more change to choose the correct answer! (Note, if you got a -10 love point in the answer section, the love point actually carry over. Best scenario is that you get the +10 love points and then get the +20 love points, so as a result you'll get 30 love points in one date!
* Use item to accelerate the money collection. Gotta say I love the 10 seconds fever! Recommend to use with you have maxed the money earned in the shop.
* Tap on the Maneki Neko to accelerate recovery for one particular job! This should be done in conjunction with the double money item.
* Tap on Sakurai Masaharu from Seiran Koukou Riajyubu to watch an ad to earn 1 coin! Save up the coins to buy items!
* Login daily for extra coins!
* Review the app for extra money!
* Finish individual routes first (I didn't do it this way ), since ending bonus gives you extra 5 coins!

Himo is now a trend!? But nevertheless Yuuto from Watshi no Himo Otoko shall be the best one out there (Mostly because he does come through, and become Himo no more)!

The first thing that came to mind after the prologue was Ouran Host Club. lol Except in this one you get more verbal abuse if you don't spend the money, and they show a troll face no matter what option you choose. I love it how the heroine actually counts the number of dates she have been on with particular characters. lol That was handy! That said, each characters takes 5 dates to finish!

That route with Kaminote cracks me up at first. It seems like heroine purposely slap him at the wrong moment. haha But to be honest, most of the trolled faces of these Ikemen actually cracks me up too. Such as Kanemochi being hit with a French Roll. I was surprised to see sub characters too! I thought Azatoiwa was Tasai at first glance.

Kaminote turned out to be my favourite route at the moment! Given his background story with the heroine (And he mumbles his thoughts) and the fact that he actually looked like Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin, only wearing an extra pair of Megane (And additional bonus, with blush)!!! That said, I think he have the least troll face! If you want to revisit the story, the money required will be halved. I don't think I will be playing it again though. haha Oh That said, the character avatar does appear in the part time job place after completition!

One could imagine SEEC Inc to be creating more and more interesting clubs for Seiran Koukou in the near future. XD

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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