[iPhone] Doubt Usotsuki Otoko wa Dare?

Who is Doubt?

Brought to you by Voltage Inc. I haven't been posting anything on Voltage's games for quite some years... That said, not that I don't play their game, it's more like because they already have their own translate apps so I didn't see much of a need to do one. There was also the Hana Yori Dango F4 to First Kiss game, but the story wasn't new (despite the new manga) so I'm skipping that too.

I think like many others, if you haven't click into the app item to see the details, you wouldn't realise it's an Otome game unless you saw it's by Voltage Inc. This one particularly caught my attention due to the different gameplay which requires you to think!

On a side note, the quote "Who is Doubt" should really be "Who to Doubt"...?
One would wonder if the bigger picture of the ikemen in the background have any meaning... *squint eyes*

Heroine recently discovered that her long time boyfriend Shizuo cheated on her with loads of evidences left around the home and trail left on SNS (social networking sites). After much confrontation, Shizuo confessed and she decided to breakup. With her friend Yuri's advise, she decided to go a Match making party. There she met 10 almost perfect ikemen who have decent jobs and high salaries. But she was told by a mysterious fortune teller that among them at least 9 of them are liars! Will she find the fated one among them?

Also wonder if the ordering matters...? XD

Mamiya Haruichi
Shiga Soutaro
Kurono Azusa
Takagiri Keima
Yazawa Joe
Yuikawa Itaru
Kagami Kazumi
Kashi Touya
Muroi Kunio
Matsuki Shuuto

Escape room much?! XD

Search for evidence, once you have collected enough evidence, you could present evidences and break the lies, all thanks to the help of SNS! This whole thing just makes if more modern world related, except the guys here seems to be unaware of things posted and shared!

Of all the questions (doubt), I actually wanted to ask Shizuo to put some cloths on first. lol

At the end of the chapter, your score is ranked to S, A, B or C based on your answers. And you could see the endings - secret (Why he lies to you), True (Why he becomes a Dame Otoko), love (If you take his hands after doubt), dameo (What happens after you rejects him) - you want to see!

The prologue (Shizuo) and first chapter (Mamiya Haruichi or Matsuki Shuuto) was easy to get you hooked since it's doesn't require tickets. But from then onwards, you only get 5 tickets per day. (Unless you pay to reduce the waiting period of course) That said, if you failed in the following chapters, you get to see the alternative endings (Whether you doubt a character too early or just doubt with the wrong evidence) that you won't see if you were to identify their flaws without fail. You should note what you have chosen (since I did forget overnight ) so that you don't get trapped in eternal looping frenzy... unless you really love the character despite their hidden personality. lol

Reminds me of the A Cheating Game by IDAC Co. Ltd! But only this is the extended version of it with alot more characters which have their own special reappearance after their first meet with heroine! Unlike most Otome games, the logic side gets me thinking... what if I get it wrong. lol That said, I actually spend a little more time on it. Luckily there's no time limit on this!

For once the heroine makes me think of a nikushokukei female, since she seems to be so proactive and take so much lead/decision making in the each date... just as planned. Super intelligent protag! XD Makes me feel like she's a under cover cop in most cases. Having gone through some of the characters routes, I actually think the ex boyfriend Shizuo wasn't half as bad (in so many ways) as the new bunch. haha

I might be hopeful to say that all of the men might be the one given the multiple endings (Suppose one could forgive given the lie isn't that big?), but as heroine say, there's only 1/10 man that's doesn't lie... or not?

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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