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Seiyuu Debut Project

Brought to you by Dorasu Corporation! I attempted to do a write up previously when they only had the Cool Kareshi hen in 2014. Recently I came across their other new voices for 2015 graduates which are intended for the female audience, so I've decided to post it as a series.

The main idea was to promote students who are newly debut as seiyuus from Human Academy! Not to mentioned even the drawings and scenarios are sourced from their students! Talk about school team effort! (It's probably their major graduation project lol)
I am somewhat bias about the 2014 illustrations and voices. The quality seems to be better then?

Cool Kareshi (CV: Matsui Yasuaki)
Kyuuketsuki (CV: Kawashima Reiji)
Osananajim (CV: Asano Ryohei)
Kouhai (CV: Kishimoto Miki)
Idol (CV: Kobayashi Mao)

The instruction isn't entirely clear on the app itself so here goes! Click on to Help initially then close it. Then you will be able to click on Tutorial. From then onwards, you need to click to dial, then allow the app to access your microphone (Yes this app won't work unless you have a microphone and you actually speak to it when required).

Upon the character finishing off their sentence, there's a noise (Not pleasant at all to my opinion) to let you know to speak either Yes or No in Japanese. Once the tutorial is over then you'll be able to access all the chapters.

I was abit shocked when I saw the seiyuu photo. haha At most time we don't see what they look like until you look up on them on the internet. I think part of the program should include helping them to set up a online profile on wiki!

It was interesting that their apps don't overlap in terms of the special type of Kareshi. Suppose the school gave them special theme? That or they didn't want to compete with one another? Regardless of what you say, the story wouldn't change. lol It's not that advanced!

Kyuuketsuki's scenario seems to be the most interesting one! The rest sounds normal... mostly because of the character settings. To be honest, I was disappointed with the female voice actors... since their voice wasn't deep enough, particularly the idol one. orz I can understand if it was the kouhai, which is normally cute and energetic. But still, their voice and the character designed doesn't seem to match up (at least to my standard). Suppose there are always room for improvement!

I look forward to more to be released for 2016!?

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