[iPhone] Kyou Watashi wa Otouto ni Koisuru

Otouto Koi

Brought to you by GeoBrain Corporation and your Otouto is simple, but beautifully illustrated by Mizuki Tama! I was taken interest in the illustrations (as usual for a Visual-Kei. lol Not to mistaken as the fashion style), but the scenarios turned out better than expected!

As mentioned from the title, there will be no bad end...!

Since childhood, you have always thought that the relationship would never go beyond family. Someday, he will fall in love with other people and would step into different paths in life. Although that's what you thought, you can't help but note the little things that he do. You can't expose such feelings and you are not allowed to speak truthfully. So all this time you have hide away your feelings in your heart and now he's grown up and...

Your Otouto!

I think the feature for this game is that you could change the name of the heroine Yuna and the Otouto Kazuki! To be honest I just left the name as it is and read it like a story.


Pick up the items as they appear to get 2 points to love meter. Unfortunately with this one there is no Fever (Unlimited restock of items for limited time of roughly 10 seconds which is common to Houchi game). Further, there are no incentive for spamming on social platforms too. There quickest way is finish each route isn't to pick up items, but to open the app from time to time and tap on the heart on the bottom left corner for 10 points to love meter (Replenishes to maximum of 10 hearts).

Despite the above, upon completion of all routes (6 occupations), you will unlock the special ending!

Although it was said to be a nurturing game, I don't see how you really nurture your Otouto apart from playing with / hanging around him! The only thing you get to choose is his future occupations by choosing him the gift. lol

If you think deeper into the whole situation... the heroine have set her eyes on her younger brother since he was in primary school... Well ok, maybe not with those thoughts initially, but it is a strange thought until the good news was broken. XD

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