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Brought to you by Mobcast Inc (On a side note, their logo reminds me of Gachaman Crowds Insight lol), a puzzle game. Heavy resemblance to the famous Atlus style of Shin Megami Tensei (Some compared it to Catherine more as it's a puzzle game however since I haven't played it previously hence my judgement is based on my limited knowledge.) characters, the room 18 (And that full moon lol) and addictive music!

At last! I'm clearing some non otome game backlogs!

NOTE: This game requires Japanese iTune account.
Tartarus like shadow...

People have been trapped in their dreams. The dream world is a secret world between the conscious and unconscious gap of dream and reality. Most of the dreamers whose hearts are trapped in this world in exchange for the release of their desire. Today too, another wanderer visit the dream world...

With the increase of females having Nemurihime Shoukougun (Sleeping Princess Diseases) , you meet the professor Katsumi who seems to know about the dream world. You were lead to save the girls who are trapped in the dream world by fighting the witches...

The game gets tougher as you go up the levels such as introducing new elements like canon, sealed blocks or chain locks!

Simply slide through the same colour jewels to clear.
* 3+ jewels, to clear.
* 6+ jewels, to clear and they will convert to a light orb which allows you to link different jewels
* 18+ jewels, to clear and you could summon the Megami (Formerly Witches in the dream land) with the special skill that is exclusive to the Megami.

There are no time limit in each turn so you could think for as long as you like. That said, it's ok to play while playing other games or doing other things. haha

There is the Quest mode, Special mode and Dream Master mode. The special mode have events and collaborations with different works whilst the
Quest mode (With over 100+ stages, and still updating) is pretty self explanatory.

Divers Card elements
Velvet Room!

Create a team according to the stage elements to allow higher scores and ease completion! They do remind you on the top left hand corner in case you forget.

Water > Fire > Wood > Water (Loop)
Light > Dark > Light (Loop)

In most cases it's best to have all elements for each stage, otherwise the jewels are useless even if you cleared them (That said, it's important to know which Diver element is sealed). Further, this is where the new introduced Diver dual elements becomes handy! Each Diver have their own special skills too, when encountering powerful enemy, it's handy to have a diver that helps recover HP (as well as attacks!).

* Play the challenge mode as they're limited time only. You also have higher chances of getting useful / rare diver characters cards that are not available in the story mode.
* Be friends with people with great characters cards. When you choose your battle partner and they're friends of yours, you will get higher coins and more importantly the special skills bonuses in the stage.
* Target elemental attacks to specific enemies for greater damage.
* Save the shiny orbs for multiple enemies attacks.
* Choose the right team with the right elements. Noting some stages will not have jewels of a particular type then your character card is pretty much wasted if you have included them into the team.
* Choose the right Megami base on how you play (Strategy related).
* Save the gems for getting rare Divers cards, card storage expansion or for continuing a long battle.
* I find that generally the Light element attacks are most powerful, and Wood element to be the least powerful. The new Dark element divers are also handy, as most enemy uses the dark jewels to attack.

Relatively brainless gameplay... they have added in more card and collaborations with various known titles. That said, I think the new ranking system somewhat puts me off since I've been off the game for a while it was changed.

Persona 3 Chihiro look alike...

The story is the main component and it seems it'll be some time before the story actually finishes since there have been alot more collaborations with other titles, I suspect they're out of ideas how to end the story... The story flows through except with the new Divers, everyone seems to have got rid of the hero diver card. lol Luckily they still include him into the stories and challenges though. XD

Regardless, it's still a highly active and addictive game that's worthwhile killing time!

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