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Never did I thought I would write a post about an iPhone game! XD I started playing this game called Tiny Tower on my sister's iPhone! She said she didn't get the logic and so I tried to figure it out.

It reminds me alot of sim city and alike. Moreover, I love the simplicity in the control using iPhone with few touches and maximum results.
The game is all about resource management! Just give the freeloaders jobs (No salary is required and they don't get to sleep! lol Do I need to spell it out? SLAVE) and you never make a loss! Then spend the earnings and build the next floor making the tower as high as possible within hours ( Much quicker than real life! lol).

Bitizen have skills level in the 5 different commercial business with rating of 0 - 9 and a dream job! :D By placing the Bitizen in their skilled field and they'll help you generate money quicker. In addition, there are 3 different level of inventory with different time to restock, 1 Bitizen employee = 1st level inventory etc

If you don't have enough Bitizens feel free to shuffle them around for restocking. :P They may not enjoy it for the next 20 minutes or an hour or so (And complaint through the Bit Book - love the little detail they add to this game!), but the great thing about these Bitizen is that they'll never leave the building nor their jobs you assigned them to! So choose your Bitizen wisely!

Alot of little things like dressing up your Bitizen (Actually their faces reminds me of those DA emoticon! :P), your tower by painting (rolling) colour scheme and moving floors around.

Oh despite being the owner of the tower, sometimes you would have to be the elevator attendant to earn bonuses coins for building and Bux to upgrade the speed of the elevator! There are also special people (VIP) who could also assist the process of the game if you take them to the right floor. Although you can buy Tower Bux with real money but that would defeat the purpose of a FREE game!

Generally this game is very addictive and there's always something to keep you occupied! :D

* Don't use BUX to get residents! They'll move in eventually, just a matter of time. (First floor is always the easiest) Instead, use it for the elevator upgrade! (You will need it for your 3rd floor of apartment onwards!)



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