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Sleeping Princes

Thought my game died after I left it hanging for a while and then I opt to play 18 by Mobcast. Recently out of curiosity of the new year events and gachas, I opened it and it's working again now so I'll quickly finish this backlog post. haha

Brought to you by GCREST Inc, it's a seiyuu fan dominated puzzle game! It's the seiyuu (mostly) and the beautifully illustrated character that made it so popular.

Quick post mostly to get more friends! See Friend ID below. lol
Yume15 100! + 1 Heroine!

One day Yuuko (Name changeable) was taken into the dream world, where she woke to see Navi, a rabbit that claims to be her butler. Shortly after Navi explained there have been monsters which people called Yumekui that eats people's dreams. Those whose dream is taken by Yumekui, they will not wake up from their dream. Whilst confused, she was attacked by Yumekui, but was rescue by a Prince called Avi (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) who suddenly appeared from a glowing ring that Navi picked up. Shortly after, Prince Medi (CV: Masuyama Takeaki) and Prince Luke (CV: Chounan Shouta) were also released due to heroine's prayer as the lost Princess of the dream world. Unable to return to the real world, she goes on a journey together with Avi and the other princes to awaken other sleeping princes and help them retrieve their lost or forgotten dreams back...

Since there are too many characters and seiyuus in this title over the year, I've decided not to do one at all! Basically any male characters that appears would be called a Prince... including older males... which I probably prefer to call those Kings instead. :P

I only see Avi as the main route... Since he's the first prince in the main story! (First come first serve as main character rule)


Simply slide through 3+ of the same colour jewels to clear.
* 3+ jewels, to clear.
* 6+ jewels, to clear and a Navi bomb will appear. Tap on it to clear the pieces around the bomb.

Once the HP bar goes to zero the game ends so it is important that you tap on the Heart for healing.

Each Prince have a gauge which gets filled as you destroy jewels of their colour. Once the gauge is full, tap on the character to activate their special character skill.

The more chains (combo) you do throughout the round, the Fever gauge will be filled. Tap on it to activate where you simply just tap on the colour jewels that are linked together to clear (Instead of highlighting it all it does it for you automatically in the Fever mode!).

At the last stage of each game, quickly drop the Shiny Gem to the bottom of the screen (By clearing the jewels in the surrounding/underneath) to unleash a powerful attack.

Create the ultimate Prince team according to the stage elements to allow higher scores and ease completion! Personally though, I find that having all sort of different colours seems to work better... I just choose the supporting (Friend's) prince with the element that's more effective for the round.

Passion (Red) > Gentle (Green) > Cool (Blue) > Passion (Loop)
Sexy (Purple) > Cute (Orange) > Sexy (Loop)

The above is just the basic gameplay. There are more in terms of getting rare Princes, awakening (Sun or Moon), leveling, skills ups, fairies/instructors and friends coins / fairy stones / ring fragments etc. But I won't go into the details since there are alot of helpful guides in English already.

* Obtain friend coins via attending welcome party by commenting or hosting. It comes with set comment already so you earn friend coins after a few taps!
Princes, fairies, and instructors.

* Friend ID: 1955608185 (Get 1 fairy stones per invite, up to maximum of 20 fairy stones can be obtained from friend invite)
* Log in daily.
* Do one Challenge a day or when your action points runs out. Orbs can be obtained from friends to earn Ring fragments.
* Attend welcoming parties for Prince to earn Friend points. They have set sentences so you really just have to tap enter and send. 3 stars characters you get 20 Friend coins, 4 stars characters you get 100 friend coins, 5 stars characters you get 200 friend coin. Hosting only gives you 10 Friend coins per comment received.
* Wait until you have alot of Friend coins or Ring pieces for higher chance of getting rarer characters cards.
* Fairies are for awakening the Prince, keep them and don't use to level up! Provided you have enough space for more Prince (cards).
* Do limited time only events to get more character cards and mostly daily elements events for fairies card.
* Use serial codes you get from campaigns to get extra items. I managed to get one of the character card before.
* Set to Tokyo time for training quests.

Gensouki Sephirot Toki no Sekaiju much? Except you get a little more voiced lines and brand new illustrations (Sometimes, you do get bored with Otomate's massive roll over of CGs and not to mention the slowness of their server which is why this game won me over it)! Well, to be exact, I find it similar to Touken Ranbu now except this is a puzzle game! That said, I have long abandon the game for a while due to the repetitive gameplay. I even lost the interests to read through all the stories of all the other Princes (unless I'm particularly interested in them) mostly due to the lag. In terms of similar gameplay, it is definitely better than Palladium Knights by Aeria, mostly due to the vast seiyuu component and regular events updates.

To be honest, in terms of the main plot I think heroine is already trapped into this Dream Kingdom and working non stop. lol The only good thing out of it is that she's surrounded by bishies that she rescued (and they're all in debt to her lol) and being the only female in this Dream Kingdom. haha

Thou shalt probably never wake up... lol

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