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Brought to you by Goodia Inc (Released in the name Bunazawa Naoaki on iTune), I didn't expect this one to be SO interesting at all! I thought it was just an ordinary Otome game with a slight bit of trolling with the Egyptian Gods as the routes like Hatoful Kareshi (Instead of being filled with Pigeons, it's full of strange Egyptian Gods)! I took notice of it initially because of the strange look of the Kouhai Medjed looking like a bird... But if you google Medjed... it's based on the actual drawings too...! However instead of ikemen-fied them like Kamigami no Asobi, this have been moe-fied by Rocketnews24!

It turns out to be the heated topic of the night last night when it was first released! (Was supposed to be released sooner!) Especially for those who got Game Over (Shocking but I was one of them! ) in the first real story options!
Our cute Heroine and Medjed, and the two cool fellow classmates Anubis and Horus. lol

Ikuda Nana (Name changeable) is a second year student at Nairu (Nile) High School. Despite being a second year student, she managed to get lost on the first day of returning to the huge high school and to the sporting hall which her teacher asked her to attend. Thankfully she was lead back to the right place by the Anubis Senpai who is the President of Disciplinary Committee. Back to the classroom, a new transferred student was introduced, and turns out he is Nana's childhood friend! At Eigeibu (Gardening Club), Osiris Senpai introduced the new member Medjed who seems to be overly attached to Osiris Senpai for some unknown reasons...!

Anubis - Senpai and President of Disciplinary Committee.
Horus - Transferred student, classmate and your childhood friend!
Medjed - Mysterious Kouhai that is over protective of Osiris Senpai!

Sub characters
Ra Sensei - Home Room teacher
Osiris - Senpai from the Gardening Club
Bastet - Best friend (Recent)

Some of the sub characters are worth noting too. Is it just me of does Ra Sensei looks like Horus's relative? (Possibly an Uncle?) That aside, the classmate in the background which is a Gorilla, it seems like they already included a girl version for them to have a happy end too. lol But one would think about why is there a Gorilla and not a Camel... lol I mean, it's supposed to be at Egypt!? Just so much troll and Kuso points...

Novel style Otome game. Choose from the 3 options. One of them is bond to shock you as it leads to Game Over! XD Entirely not Otome style at all which totally changed the vibe to the game! I prefer calling it Bad End than Game Over!

There are 23 CGs in total between the 3 routes and group CGs! I was surprised with some of them since it's still so otome game style, but some was just for trolls. lol No too bad for a Free game! And thank god for Save modes and Skip function!

Kuso points
I can't help but include these...!

The character standard for this game...!

Your stalker... or better way to put it, your childhood friend.

Medjed himself is quite kuso already... lol Just look at those eyes...

* Play at least every 1 hour for each story ticket do recover! You get maximum of 5 free story tickets per cycle!
* Share daily on Twitter for additional 1 story ticket!
* Watch ad daily to get maximum of 2 story tickets! To get to the ad, click on Item, Shop, then gift.
* Make sure you save! I learnt it the hard way. lol Felt like a waste to start all over! Many may not notice, but just by tapping the first save field allows you to save!! They really should allow us to close the window in front of it. =3=
* Make sure you turn on the Heart Effect after first time completion of the game. Hearts will be shown when you have chosen the answer that will increase the love meter for the particular route!

Targeted at the advanced Otome gamers who wanted something entirely different! I was totally shocked with where the story was heading, initially with the removal of the background music, and then the story (text itself)!!! Thankfully there was no CG for that scene, but regardless it did have the shocking impact for most who ended up getting Game Over in the first round! So it was THAT type of story?! Not to mention the type of fan service we get for Medjed! So much love!

So far I think Horus is the normal route (That's why he was rated the third for the who do you want to fall in love with Poll lol But secretly inside I'm hoping he's a Tsun haha)... since I'm getting the vibe that despite being so cool and rule oriented, the senpai Anubis might have a twist ending (That bandage scene in the infirmity room!). I don't trust the normal flow to this game anymore since the beginning with Medjed! XD But who knows, I think Medjed might end up getting the best ending (Since he is in the Spotlight and all those fancy costuming for all sort of occasions!? I just hope there are no BL end in this haha), provided we all try our best to survive and fall in love! (YES I THINK MY BRAIN IS COMPLETELY TWISTED NOW AFTER THIS GAME AND I ACTUALLY LEARN SO MUCH ABOUT EGYPTIAN GODS!)

Nana might just be the one for Medjed, if this turns out to be a normal Otome game! I mean she could understand him underneath all that cloth... except for his secret! (On a side note, she understands the Gorilla classmate and all the other character's poker faces too. Hmmm Truly admirable!) Looks like the best way to deal with this game is to not discover their secrets, and thou shalt live a happy live...?

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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