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Brought to you by Skillshots Lab! Only found it by change and indeed, we (otome gamers senpais) notice you! XD Hard to imagine that no one notice the ONLY girl in a all boys school, unless she pretend to be a boy and enrolled into the school (Hanakimi aka Hanazakari no Kimitachi e haha).

I haven't come across the English games much (since I'm mostly focused on the Japanese apps more) but all their other apps have a consistent style to it so I would suggest to check the other ones out too! Their Cross Swords Magic Spells also seems interesting so I would probably give that one a go shortly.

I think there need to be a heroine on the cover! XD

You work at the cafe at the third year building!

That's about it! haha The app itself didn't tell you as much as the app store information, where you're suppose to be the first female student in an elite all boys private school! You need to manage the cafe by attracting new customers with new cafe food, drinks and decorations!

Senpais (Characters)
Talk about being exclusive, I'm unsure why the cafe is only opened to the senpais. haha With 20 different Senpais to meet! They even come with their own profiles (To see their favourite dish as well as check when you'll unlock their special note to you) and a special CG (There are actually a total of 25 CGs so it makes one wonder what they'll be apart from individual ending CG)!!

Here are some of the senpai I have unlocked so far. I might type up the remaining when I get to them.

Izumi - Nerd Senpai
Yuu - Young Senpai
Ren - Lazy Senpai
Touya - Art Club Senpai
Hajime - School Festival Senpai
Reiji - Science Lab Senpai
Souma - Gourmet Club Senpai
Wakatoshi - Delinquent Senpai
Touya - Dream Club Senpai

Go to shop to buy food / ingredient /furniture and place them on to the cafe table. Close app and open from time to time to collect money from customers. Where you were away when one of the new senpai came to visit, you will unlock the shadow of the type of the senpai only and you will note able to read their profile until you open the cafe to see if a new senpai have appeared.

There is a photo function where you could take a picture of your cafe layout, and also a profile picture, mostly face up of the senpai... somehow this function feels creepy... hahaha might be one of the dark reasons why they're running this cafe.

The affection level will increase for each senpai visit. Interestingly, Senpai pays in coins, but sometimes jewels too...!


* Login daily to receive a gift! Up to 15th day you will receive a special gift (To attract a new Senpai )!
* Login regularly to check on the new senpai in the cafe and refill the coffee beans for the tea sets!
* Try to find Ninja senpai (Secret senpai announced on their page) who gives you 100 coins (sometimes other gifts) when you watch the ad!
* Add me! M3lvd

Tokimeki restaurant much!? Only this is a simpler and shorter version of the game! I really love the style of the characters! The simplicity of the chibis, somewhat reminds me of Anotoki no kotoba wo kikitakure (See my post here) and many others! But that title comes to mind first predominately because the setting is in a school! XD Regardless, the actual event CG styles are different.

Despite the large file size, the laggy-ness doesn't go away! TAT Didn't like a few of the settings here and there. Where the items are placed (why isn't the basic item like tea set in the first page), where I don't have the item in the inventory they still show in the inventory but as amount zero and that there are no separation between coins and jewels items in the shops. Further, the Name and cafe name at the end of the tutorial, the compulsory word Cafe at the end of the Cafe name... I named mine Otome Cafe and upon clicking ok, then I realised that it have Cafe duplicated. =A= But since it was laggy I didn't bothered to change it (It's serious bad lag since I lost extra 480 coins for a cute tea set during the tutorial too). That said, I strongly recommend to turn off the Sound and Music if it's really laggy for your phone (Mine could be just old and fill with too much otome games).

Recommend for those who are more patient...! Looks like it's gonna be quite a while before I could unlock the cafe themes...

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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Re: Lish

Yeah it was quite sad. / - \ I did try to look for name change (Since it was concerning me for abit whenever I tried to find Nanja senpai regardless of the lag), and it's actually not in Options but it's placed under collection! There's a reverse button next to your cafe name, so click on it to confirm your name and enter the Cafe name again! XD

Nice article :D the same happened with me on the cafe name :( and i can't seem to find how to change the name again, huhu.


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