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Brought to you by Gimmick Plus! Since the first release of the original app, Mousou Mansion where people could upload their selected photos or drawings as the visuals for each of the character routes, this is their 2nd app from the Mousou series! Only this time the it's based on Office love situations instead of school life! That said, their website address actually says love situations instead of the inclusion of the word office. I think they should probably just use it as the main website and then have series 1 and 2 under different titles on the menu!

Fall in love with your ideal boyfriend who works are the same company as you!
The cover and title somewhat reminds me of Voltage Inc games...

You were on your first day of work at a Food transportation company and you're running late for the newbie welcoming ceremony. There you run into a part timer Oono Makoto, who directed you to the welcoming hall room. On your way to the room you crashed into a kind senpai Akimoto Syu who let you off easily. As you got into the room on time, you were told off for accidentally sitting on the seat of a fellow colleague Mizushima Atsushi. After the ceremony you saw Minato Kengo who was extremely rude however he is the manager of the planning team, but luckily Kazama Soichirou whose the vice president of the company came along and moved things along. Back to entrance, Makoto offers you his guidance with how things run within the company and mentioned he will support you in your love life too... who would you choose to fall in love with?

Again you could customise the looks and name of the characters. However, since this time round, there are default pictures so it's ok not to register any pictures for the characters.


Mizushima Atsushi
Akimoto Syu
Minato Kengo
Kazama Souichirou *Pending route*
Sub Character
Oono Makoto

Basic novel style with few options to increase love meter and on the side with cute and fashionable clothing items to collect and dress for your avatar.

Oono Makoto as your mentor! I honestly can't believe that he's not one of the route but Kazama Souichirou (He only appeared for a little bit).

* Login daily to read the story and get present.
* Recommended to select a photo and set the Kareshi name as it increase the Mune Kyun. According to their website, but I choose to leave the characters as they are since my past experience of having the need to upload their normal face, happy face and sad face...!
* Tweet for 2 story ticket and full health recovery. (Reset at midnight)
* Clear as much quests as possible to get extra coins or tickets.
* Collect your gifts! (Why does the process feel so manual...)
* Play Gacha for the first time for free!

I think they should at least leave the designed characters on the cover, even if people don't use them. =w= I understand the whole customisation is the selling point, but without characters that were included in the promotional video, I think it lacks abit of recognition for most visual people. I did a look up and was confused with the default characters in it and thought it was a completely separate game. =w=;


I thought it was weird for you to change the character image and name AFTER the prologue... It actually makes me wonder if you're only to change the character route picture and name only or all the cast. lol I kept the default character pictures and name to save the hassle. Since in their previous title, you only have one character route to change rather than having reoccurring characters within the same route! XD Life probably gets more confusing with the customisation but it's definitely interesting (challenging) for those artists out there! Meanwhile I'll just continue to enjoy the story of it.

See what you come out with!

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