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Brought to you by Animelo Mix DearGirl (Released on Dwango Mobile), which is known for their cinema adaptation for the Meikoi (Meiji Tokyo Renka) Yumihari no Serenade!!

Although saying that, Animelo Mix is the anime and game songs side of the business (Even the opening song is sung by Saitou Souma and Aoi Shouta! Ending song is sung by Aoi Shouta, which is expected since he's a singer!). I think Animelo (Anime Melody) should be read as AniMero (Melt in Anime) in this case! XD

Abit late to the party, but here's the post!
Somehow the other two shop front characters are in the back. lol Talk about being consistent...

Fujishiro Mao (Name changeable) is a second year high school student who loves sweets and wants to be a Patisserie Chef. One day, she heard from her childhood friends Sakuma twins that their brother Itsuki (her first love crush) is returning to Japan from France. Itsuki whom is now a Patisserie Chef plans to open a cafe and Mao later finds out that Itsuki have a girlfriend whilst in France. Extremely heart broken, Mao was going to throw away her years of Sweets tasting notes that was intended to be given to Itsuki, but was stopped by her classmate Keita whom she lend the notes to. Keita comforted and encouraged Mao to continue to pursue her dream and that she should give the notes to Itsuki which later that night she did. The next morning she ran into Itsuki's friend Kyouhei who saw her notes and suggest she should start working at Cafe Cuillere and lif possible bring in a few classmates due to lack of staffs. Slightly discomfort with the situation Mao asked Keita to join her with the part time. Turns out the Sakuma twins and Ryousuke will also be working there too!

lol Lack of staff... just because they can't afford staffs so they want to hire kids! XD

Shinonome Keita (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)
Shijyou Ryousuke (CV: Ishikawa Kaito)
Sakuma Asahi (CV: Saitou Souma)
Sakuma Minato (CV: Aoi Shouta)
Sakuma Itsuki (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)
Nagase Kyouhei (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou)
Sub Character
Mitsumiya Aoi

Truly basic visual novel style! There's no tickets or anything to my surprised after the long, lengthy and partially fully voiced sentences dialogues of all the character routes in the prologue! Partially because they inserted a mini drama scenario (apparently recorded with Dummy Head Mic, but there wasn't enough close up scenarios to maximise the dummy head effect! lol) in between the characters appearance and not to mention the CGs are fairly on par! But where it really gets you is the Event pass in order to hear all the voiced scenarios!

I felt like crying during the prologue... I have played a few different games where the heroine gets dumped in the prologue (Not to mentioned this "One sided love" lasted majority of Mao's life time and they never got into a relationship)! Perhaps the emotions were explained alot better in the one... so that it could lead on to the other routes. Or perhaps it's mostly because Itsuki haven't really done anything wrong to Mao. But it was abit surprising during the little convo between the two older characters Itsuki and Kyouhei, which you discovered the reason why he lied to Mao...!

"To me, she's the most important girl in this world... no one could replace her." This sentence!!! KYAAAAAAAAA

In terms of character, Keita is really likable just like one of those shoujo manga hero (He's probably the official route), but that makes his route abit too normal. Though saying that I'm interested due to the voice actor and it'll be a sweet route! XD It's abit funny how one would want to photocopy Mao's notes (There's probably too many to photocopy anyway!) when nowadays one would probably tell someone to backup digitally Or start a homepage. haha I love the fact that this character does listen to what Mao have to say and being extremely supportive...! That said, Keita is literally replacing Aoi in the story! XD

Ryousuke I wasn't overly fond of since he doesn't talk enough. And then whole childhood friends Sakuma family just gets to me, mostly due to their looks. lol Itsuki I dislike at one point during the prologue but it fixed itself right after the prologue. I had to say I was slightly shocked because having played a lot of characters with Hirakawa Daisuke as the voice actor, majority of his characters routes are the gentle type (Well he does a few crazy ones but he's pretty good at it haha). Kyouhei is normally the type (Play boy) of routes I would avoid but... but... he's voiced by Tsuda Kenjirou! TWT Apart from that first impression, Kyouhei seems to be the serious type (It's the megane, I knew it...) and the only sine one that knows what he wants and will get it if he wants it. XD

There are probably some love triangles with each route you choose! Who would you choose?!

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