[iPhone] Ai no Kemono Love Beast

Kami no Okite ni Somuite Kindan no Kajitsu wo Musabore

Brought to you by Try-Angle Inc! The game is based off the Drama CD with the name Ai no Kemono Yo - Kami no Okite ni Somuite Kindan no Kajitsu wo Musabore (Crazy long yes lol)! Much like the Drama CD, the stories flows the same way except now they have added in additional illustrations, information and activities! Not to mention they also removed the voices... haha

I have been playing all their games actually but never got around to blog them. XD The only other one that I attempted to post (Yeah it's one of those backlogs ) was Koiseyo Oujisama since Kaji Yuki and Sakurai Takahiro are in it! I think that was their only voiced game! Also currently playing their Nightmare Harem (Athough the story is very similar to another one that I played previously... which is also in my backlog!!! ) since I think I've found the perfect Tsundere! XD
This app cover took me forever to cap!!! lol Although saying that, the one they have on iTune looks alot better with the cute Chibis!

Your Uncle Hatono, whose your only relative fell ill and you can't afford to pay the large sum medical expenses. Appearing before you is a weird young man called George, who offered to give you a reward of one hundred million if you could clear the condition. In desperation, you agreed to work at the big corporation Sankyo Holdings and to become the number one Personal Assistant within half a year. But the company is run by Haruki, Hideaki and Akiyoshi, who are called beast among the company. Who will you choose to work for...?

There are no character voice for this app however, the Drama CD seiyuu cast is as follows.

I'm fairly bias with their chibi appearance...

Kamikujyou Haruki (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)
"Kamikujyou" Shumei (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)
Kamikujyou Akizen (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou)

Sub Characters
George (CV: Miura Hiroaki)
Kamikujyou Touya
Kamikujyou Natsuhiko
Mijima Yuki
Ichinomiya Yuri
Kamikujyou Tatsuyoshi
Koizumi Chikage

Normal visual novel style and you get 5 story tickets each day. Answers questions to increase love meter, complete missions to progress with the story and work to increase your attractiveness. lol The game included new Secret information, extension to the stories, events and avatars items! There are two endings for each route, Normal and True Paradise!

Event Story mode! I'm so George bias! He seems to be cuter in the events... because of the setting? He felt like a Tsun to me in the Event story! haha

They sure set their scores high... Lots of Charm and Beast Currency is required for the normal and event stories. They even set it so that you have to work for event tickets too! So basically just work whenever your stamina recovers. lol To be honest, the story itself isn't that sexual compared to the Drama CD... or other games. It's quite tamed and due to the lack of CGs! I mean it doesn't go so much into depth in describing everything... haha

The current event story Youkoso Kemonogakkuen e!! is quite interesting, where they set the main routes as Teachers, and as a bonus, George is your childhood friend! I must say I enjoyed the beginning quite abit because Geroge was in it and it felt like he have a crush on you whereas you don't see much of that in the main story. I know he's abit protective in some way in the main story, but business is business and we have yet to discover the reasons behind his actions! I think George and Touya should be added as new routes!!

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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