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Been a while since I have posted anything from Dengeki Girl's Style...! Mostly because I think doing app/games introductions/reviews seems to be more useful than doing post on some of the news on magazines...! (Plus mostly because my mum broke my camera so I'm stuck with my mobile camera) Apart from that, Dengeki Girl's Style is always shipped to our local Kinokuniya after B'z Log... so it's always close to a month late!

Anyway, figured I'll do one since it's Chinese New Year... and less thinking for me! (Although saying that most of the information I have already saw online! D: ) Below the cut are ones that I have taken interest in, there are other news on other titles but I'm just no entirely interested. :P
I was expecting the Prince of Stride Calendar to be abit bigger... and I've seen most of the pictures on there online already. orz


Dengeki N High School!

Dengeki N Gakkou New collaboration project between Dengeki Girl's Style, Sylph, Mahou no i Rando (Island), Dengeki Bunko Magazine, Gekkan Comic Dengeki Daiou and Dengeki Maou! Each character will be designed and illustrated by different artists from the magazine! The first character from Gengeki Girl's Style is beautifully illustrated by Sarachi Yomi! The situation is the club president of the Otome Kokoro Kenkyuubu where they investigate Tokimeki Situations such as Kabedon, Adekoi and Atama ponpon!

Suuran Digit illustrated by Mero where character names are all number related, and heroine is the number that shouldn't have exist... which is Zero. I actually like all the characters from 1-9 except for heroine. haha She seems to be a side character more than the main.

Beast and Princess!

Brought to you by the same bunch that produced Moujuutsukai to Oujisama... a new Moujuu series - Moujuutachi to Ohimesama. I must say the character designs are not as good as the previous title... but it's still something that I look forward to (Kenomimi bias).

Brocolli decided to start a new title Majikyun! Renaissance, where magic that is seen as arts and those who trained to do that are called Artista. Personally I really like the whole background and frame for the settings... however.. the characters doesn't appeal to me as much.

Diabolik Lovers!

Diabolik Lovers... despite Satoi left the company... the story continues... I was shocked to see Kanato now holding a bunny instead of his beloved Teddy. With what I said earlier, mostly filled with old news. I checked the website today and noted a new title to come called Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden. The looks are definitely different now... TTATT

Nil Admirari no Tenbin Teitogenwaku Kitan is probably the title that I look forward to the most this year! lol Taisho period (+1), beautifully illustrated by Satoi (+1) and a big cast of seiyuu with the main with Kaiji Yuki (+1), Okamoto Nobuhiko (+1), Sakurai Takahiro (+1) and Suzumura Kenichi (+1)! I'm sold!

Norn9 (Norun+Nonetto) pushing hard with the anime release with its new title Norn9 Act Tune! Still watching for Kaji...! But stopped because I want to play it again whilst watching the anime. lol

Wasn't feeling anything for Kenka Banchou Otome at first. But with various new rhythm and music titles, this now seems to have stood out to me! XD

Dance with Devils! Having watched the anime without a satisfying end and slightly driven by the fact that the characters were designed by Maeda Hirotaka, I've been taken a ride on to the train of no return. haha Although I do laugh at some of the lyrics (Dialogues sang, since it is a Muscial and it tells a story) I do enjoy it. Unlike Diabolik Lovers, the story plot for this one seems to be stronger...! XD I hope to see a more satisfying end! Rem vs Lindo!!!

Despite seeing Hakuouki massively being rolled over, it was refreshing to see Kamigami no Aobi Ludere Deorum Infinite!

For some odd reasons few Operetta titles made it onto Dengeki Girl's Style... I thought only B'z Log does 18+ games... Their new title Tsumikui Sen no Noroi and their older title Koezaru wa Akai Hana Koi wa Tsuki ni Michibikareru both showed some MA event CGs...


IDOLiSH7 which I prefer to call it TRIGGER more (I think even Tanemura Arina Sensei also prefer them more too since she drew the manga for the secret behind Trigger's formation which is called Trigger -Before the Radiant Glory- that serialise on LalaDX March 2016)! haha I got that Tsunashi Ryuunosuke card!!! XD Apparently they'll be a new band Re:Vale to come but the characters Momo and Yuki doesn't appear to me much! Even the style looks different... hmmm.

I'm sorry I ignored you for a while Ensemble Stars... but I really need music to make me going. lol I'll play from time to time again when your anime comes out!

The game play for DreamFes (Dream Festival) looks similar to Vocaloid Project Diva. I would probably give a go but hopefully I don't cling on to it (I'm already playing enough music games!).

The drawings from Akanesasu Sekai de Kimi to Utau is appealing. So This one is also on my list...! Not to mention it's from GCrest, the ones that did the ever popular Yume100 (Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100 nin no Oujisama)!

Since Boyfriend (Gari) was transferred to ameba I didn't play as much anymore (since my old account was deleted!). Apart from that, it just got too messy for my liking... should be called Kareshi100. lol But they're still at it with events and new cards!

Aichuu! New year events are still strong! I just need more money and stronger cards!

More on Cafe Cuillere! Since there's no limited time only events, this is at the end of the finish all route play list... =w='

Touken Ranbu Online...! Introducing another new character called Toushirou... as if there wasn't enough Toushirou. Just wait until they make all the Nendroid of Touken Ranbu! I abandoned the account nowadays but got more into the Saniwa shippings with the characters in there on Doujinshi and Cosplays! If only they make an Otome game for it!!!

Yumeiro Cast got hard copies of trading cards printed which was only available at 7-Elevens in Japan! I want one too. TTATT On a side note, I was shocked to see Sakura Taisen Kanadegumi is getting a collaboration where the characters are dressed in idol like uniforms too!

The wait is still on for the long waited Dame x Prince!!! orz It says due for release this Winter... was supposed to be last Autumn...! TAT Should have known when I saw the release of the Genji Monogatari Danjou Gyakuten Koiuta!

Tsukiuta is getting Anime!!! I assume they to be short stories though.

Honey Liar!

I must say Honey Liar!? got me startled when I saw the heroine without a face. How long has it been since I last saw one without a face?! And that blurry effective... made it ghostly instead of being romantic! XDDDDDDDDDD

The general trend is now music and songs... as expected, the otome world is seiyuu driven! Apart from that the word context seems to have reduced as well... and replaced by almost double spread character profiles...! Interestingly when I was going through the magazine with Haruki that I know most of the titles... that proves the reduced time of me socialising and being outdoor. haha

They're about the most interesting things I note out of this issue. haha I said there wasn't much but it seems like I have typed up quite a fair bit. lol On a side bonus, have you ever hear of GumKare!? XD It is a chewing gum Gijinka project by various chewing gum companies. The third release GumKare! Shinsengumi features cross over with the Shinsengumi with the original GumKare, and as usual, Heroine is the Tooth, only this time of Kondou san and proclaim to be a high school girl!! XD

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