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Brought to you by Goodroid Inc, and the same team which is known for their popular title Watashi no Himo Otoko (For those who missed out, see my post here)! This time you are to look after a new character (Yuu)Rei-Chan, who is a ghost who have lost his memories! Again, it comes with voice (Although minimal)!

I actually notice it on their official website before they updated to a chibi avatar slotted to the bottom right hand corner of the HimoOtoko app! (On a side note, the Valentine event is on, so do go back and check on Yuuto! XD)
Again there's no cover image so I've just left the in game default Rei-Chan as the cover!

Nanami (Name Changeable) recently just moved out of home despite how her parents disagree and into the new apartment as a poor university student. But inside the apartment she sees the ghost of a young man, who seems to have lots his memories. In order for him to pass on, she will have to make him recover his memories by purifying the Yokai that appears in the room and talking to him. Little by little he seems to remembering something in before he passed away...

Rei-Chan (CV: Nishida Masakazu)


Purify all the Yokai that is gathered in the room (because of Rei-Chan) by flicking them to the wall in the behind Rei-Chan. When his presence become faded, talk to him to maintain his presence.

Featuring multiple endings (4 + 1 hidden last one) with beautifully illustrated ending CGs! You get to choose his past, personality and appearance (Not so much of that but there are various route)!

Noticeable differences
* Rei-Chan stands versus Yuuto sits around. lol
* Rei-Chan name is prefixed even before the prologue where Nanami gives him the nickname. Further, the Chan implies the close relationship!
* Key on the purify meter to show when will be the next story session.
* Replenish chat by watching an ad up to max of 8 times a day (Was only 6 times in HimoOtoko, and on top of that neither of them works for me anymore. orz I think it's region related...)
* Background target changes in this one (The purifying paper at the back grows bigger as you're getting closer to the ending. Again it adds to the horror side of my mind... what if it's not big enough to host all those Yokai, or an outbreak...?!).
* You know exactly what occupation Rei-Chan have before he passed away, whilst Yuuto's type gives you insight to his personality!

* Use tweet / facebook for release of Rei-Chan's spiritual powers (Fever mode) after each evolution, which will replenish the purity meter back to 100!
* 1.5 hours recovery of the 3 chat to increase purity meter, or watch an ad (Max up to 8 times a day) to replenish quicker.
* Use Chat wisely for anything below love meter of 40% reduced half in the purity Points. That said, there's no need to use chat unless the purity meter falls below 80%.

Although looking like this, this story isn't under the Horror genre (Despite it was somewhat horrifying for my old phone when majority of the character were black out) but love simulation! I don't think any normal human being would allow a Ghost to be staying in their home... regardless of how ikemen the Ghost is. =w=' Plus the fact that his "spiritual powers" is the source of the Yokai being attracted to your home! lol Part of me was worried that he actually died in the very same room hence he's stuck there or why Nanami managed to rent the place at all. To think that she's s poor university student, she must have spent her life saving onto the purifying shrine at the back of the room!

The Yokai designs were interesting as they're based on emotions. To be honest I think they relates to Rei-Chan's past emotions. On a side note, I think the item collections title should change from Yokai to collection since it includes a photograph item for each route!

This time round the recovery rate is different, and faster, where the fever mode recovers every 3 hours as suppose to daily (Or when you are asked to tweet)! Hence I have decided to post this after I have finished all route! XD

Spoiler Alert!
To be honest I was hoping for a Happy end by having Rei-Chan to remain without passing on, since all routes appears to be sad end to me when they all passed on (I mean Nanami was crying and was forced to smile for Rei-Chan TnT), leaving Nanami behind (To continue to like them abit longer since she feel that they will soon meet again - but didn't! ). The routes are separated into Modern and Taisho.

Modern > Police officer / Freelance (Singer) > Secret
Taisho > Rich Nobel man/ Army First Lieutenant > Secret

The modern ones both met the Nanami when she was 3 years old. Mostly their cause of death. haha I do like the looks of the Freelance singer (I thought he was going to be an Hikikomori since he watch so much TV haha). To think the modern one took notice of Nanami at such a young age... I would really call him pedo! lol But his route I probably felt the most when he sang the last line of the birthday song (it's even voiced!)... I didn't felt as much for the Police Rei-Chan to be honest, he felt too much of a fatherly figure. I was also expecting them to have some family relations or some sort...

The Taisho ones goes along the lines that Nanami as their past love look alike. The nobel Rei-Chan doesn't feel that rich/nobel to be honest. haha I think his outfit didn't have enough detail, so I actually thought he looked more like a courtesan! XD (I need to stop thinking about Gyakuten Yoshiwara haha) The Army Rei-Chan didn't show much emotion apart from near the very end. Interestingly, his route is the only route where the option was not to make him pass on, but to grant his wish to see the cherry blossom with him.

Upon completion of all route, including the secret (which was to keep him by your side would turn him into the evil spirit! I actually think the developers actually enjoy creating scary personalities to troll us. lol ) will be congratulated by all Rei-chan! Only at this point onwards that you could choose to stay with the evil spirit, so I would strongly recommend completing all the normal route (by passing on) before entering this route.

Spoiler Ends!

Right now, I'm left with collecting the crystal for unlocking his side of the stories (Only available after completion of all routes)! From experience, the list may grow and there are seasonal events pending since some sections are pending to be filled. XD Overall, I will play for the extra stories and events, but I still prefer Yuuto from Himo Otoko over Rei-Chan!

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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