[3DS] Frozen Olaf's quest

Do you want to be a Snowman

Wasn't going to buy this game (Despite liking Disney's Frozen much, I didn't think the gameplay was worth that kind of money) but did in the end due to the special price I got it for recently!!!

Since I finished it before passing it on to a friend's niece, I thought I'll do a quick post on it!

Much like the classic Super Mario gameplay, player control Olaf to collect items and flowers for stars rating at the end of each stage (60 in total) by reaching to the end. 1 stars for passing the stage, 2 stars for completing items or Flowers and 3 Stars for collecting all.

They should probably add in the melting factor... just to make it slightly more challenging. XD

* Try to collect all the items and flowers since there's no time limit! Regardless, you save more time trying to finish it off instead of playing again!
* Once you have collected all the stars a secret event CG will appear! I recommend trying to get full star rating for each stage so that the event CG and the credits flows through.
* Throw Olaf's head to collect items and flowers as it saves abit more time (provided you do it correctly though lol).
* Hold onto the B button whilst flying through breeze, because there are pauses in between and you will hit the ground if you're not careful.

There is a huge lack of story - at least tell us why Olaf's on a little quest to collect those flowers (Maybe it reminds him of Spring?!)! I was shocked at the fact that part of the gameplay allows players to throw Olaf's head... is that even child safe? XD Somewhat reminds me of the Frozen jewellery box I saw at department store sometime ago with Anna and Elsa pulling Olaf apart singing Do you want to build a snowman. Shocked me in the first go, but they put Olaf back together after that first sentence of the lyrics. O.O

Abit disappointed that there are no human cameo (Anna and Elsa!) in the gameplay. =w= They should probably show Elsa creating Olaf in the prologue or some sort. If the title was in Japanese, they should probably include the humans. lol NB: Japanese title was Anna to Yuki no Joou: Olaf no Okurimono which means Anna and the Snow Queen: Olaf's present and thus explains the quest was to find Anna's present (for Frozen Fever short clip)...?! lol

The event CG upon full stars completion. Prior to watching the movie I always thought just from watching the trailer that Olaf was turned into a snowman by the queen, and he'll turn into a Prince upon Anna loving him back... or something! XD I mean why would he travel to that extent for Anna!? Because "Some people are worth melting for"! If not, have him as a hidden route! (Too much Otome Gaming )

I do like the little touch of the customised Olaf will appear on the front screen and in game once you dress him up!

There isn't much replay value when you have completed all stages. Then again, it's a game for kids... that said, it actually reminds me of various iPhone puzzle app games with the short 60 stages. The overall downside was that you can't revisit this CG unless you replay the game all over again! (Perhaps this is where the replay value comes in? lol)

I was slightly annoyed with the lack of skip function for the ending credit...! But the main question remains... who's that other snowman in the ending?!

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