[3DS] Get Mew & Hoopa on Pokemon XY/OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire

Australia limited time only event!

I can't it's been a year since I last got an new Pokemon for the game... that now I realised I actually lost Omega Ruby during one of my day out. orz Lesson learnt, never take more than 1 game out of home, since you will never find the time to play more than 1 different game anyway! Fortunately... you can also receive the Pokemon on XY as well.

As part of the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon, hurry to your local EB Games between 01/02/2016 to 24/02/2016 (While stock last!) to get a code that will allow you to receive a level 100 Mew (And Hoopa if you're still in luck)! Surprisingly they didn't send out a members email for the past few Pokemon codes which I did briefly complaint to one of the staff upon seeing a sign. Magmar was my last one... talk about being distracted by other games... Gotta be a regular visitor to enjoy the benefits (One can't have too many games /consoles)!

They've finally decided it's ok to cut down on the paper... probably so that more people could get it...? I headed in early (Asking about Yokai Watch merchandise though haha) so they were kind enough to give me two.

To receive the Pokemon, ensure:
* You update the latest content for the Pokemon game. It will ask you to update for Pokemon XY/omegaalpha - although I lost my copy!!
* Your console have enough battery and internet access.
* You have room for more Pokemon on your party.
* Go to Mystery Gift on the main menu, then select Receive Gift and enter Code. I didn't like how I have to delete all the codes entered so that I could enter a second Code gift Pokemon!
* Head to the Pokemon Center and speak to the Delivery Girl!
* Don't forget to save the game after receiving it! (This is very important since you only get one Pokemon for each unique code!!!)


So here's a preview of the Mew's stats!


Mew used Pound! But it wasn't overly powerful... it's just... Normal. That said, it's recommended to teach some powerful skills to Mew!

Some participating stores JB Hifi still have the previous one for Hoopa running (Last I checked anyway)!

The good old large Code cards!


Hoopa's skills! It also comes with a Classic Ribbon, which proclaims love for Pokemon...! I wonder if this item actually have more use in the Pokemon Omega/Alpha game...

Official XY Site
Official Ruby Sapphire Site <-- Personally I prefer to refer to them as Omega / Alpha.

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