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Play History on Bravely Second End Layer Demo

Finally! Just a week before the real game releases on the 27th February 2016! Only released there is a demo version when I street passes someone playing it! Sequel to Bravely Default, the demo set some time before Bravely Second game and featuring the Three Cavaliers Yew, Janne and Nikolai!

Here's a short post on the gameplay and some thoughts!

The story follows the Crystalguard's Three Cavaliers Yew, Janne and Nikolai who were sent by Pope Agnes to investigate mysterious incidents at the Temple of Wind. They arrived at Al-Khampis where they meet Magnolia, who claims to be their designated local guide and request a return favour to rebuild their hometown...


Similar to that of Bravely Default and your normal JRPGs, the battle style is turn based. Side games such as rebuilding the Moon as supposed to rebuilding Norende Town in Bravely Default.

There are 4 jobs available initially in the demo are Freelancer, Valkyrie (My favourite haha ), Wizard and Astrologian! Throughout the gameplay you could alos unlock Red mage, Swordmaster, Performer and Hawkeye as you progress with the game. All the job levels have a maximum of 4, once you have master them, you can't earn anymore job level. So it's good to rotate them around I suppose.

Despite switching between the jobs, the Three Cavaliers' costume doesn't change. orz

Great thing about the demo is that you don't need to buy weapons! Whatever job you chooses, their weapon and clothing are changed accordingly. Additional items obtained throughout the demo are pretty much used as upgrades. I didn't have to buy much except for the accessories and spells scrolls.

The Victory Streak goes in the multiple as follows:
1.2 > 1.5 > 1.8 > 2.0 > 2.2 > 2.4 > 2.6 > 2.8 > 2.9 (That's the furthest I got so far haha).

* Have internet access ready to access the AR card that's on their website to watch the Introduction movie.
* Press right twice to speed up combat.
* Make use of the auto battle! But use it wisely! No point to set the same battling style upon different enemies!
* Option to play for extra bonus experience by bring on another fight (Challenge) battles. Ensure you have enough HP prior to doing so.
* Demo exclusive bonuses such as the Three Cavaliers set, also for finishing quests and don't forget to press to check as you explore around for hidden items! The more you play the more you get!
* Turn on Street pass!
* Turn on Auto Save! Saves your time if you're defeated...! (Happened to me many times... orz)
* Ensure you rebuild the moon as the time of completion depends on your playtime! Just choose what to build and leave it until it's completed.
* Ensure your street pass is activated! I never knew it have a limited of 12 at any one time! orz
* Buy Potions / Phoenix Downs! Otherwise max the Red Mage job level to use both white (Cure and Raise!) and black magic!
* Go back to town for Inn if low on HP or MP. It works out alot cheaper that way! *Is the type that saves up items*

It's probably the longest demo I've played! XD Not to mentioned there is no restriction on the number of times you could open the demo! (Finally!) But pity the demo is only in English and cannot be switch to other languages.

I remember this town... XD

I enjoy various references back to the first game (Agnes seems to miss her party *sob*). Yew's name is the main protag of Bravely Second! Much like D's Journal, the game icon shows a book with the letter U on it (U's Journal). The Japanese name for Yew was Yuu, suppose that's why they also name him similarly as Yew in English adaptation.

At first I was abit worried about the relationship between Yew and Agnes, but I think the official ship will be with Magnolia.

I must say it's a very decent length for a demo game! I'm on roughly 5 hours and it's almost over. Just need to defeat the monster in the Temple of Wind (Need to level up more... since there's no armour to purchase that's elemental resistance )... where I'll probably get the last Job there! That aside, there is the side quest to rebuild the moon which approximately takes total of 8 hours gameplay all up. Definitely enough to keep one hyped for the main game to come!

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